Papaya Enzyme: Something To Consider If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

According to research carried out in the US, a lot of people are overweight, while many others are actually obese. This is a big danger because this excess weight increases the risk of these people succumbing to diseases like heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension. It is this realization, among many other factors, that has led to an increase in the number of people searching for weight loss programs. Our narrow cultural ideals regarding beauty are also a significant motivator. It has become a general feeling that big is not beautiful: you are only beautiful if you are petite, and, particularly in recent years, this standard has extended to both sexes. Men are also under pressure to get their abs in place and achieve those six-packs. It is the rise of all these motivations that have led to the success of the diet and weight loss industry in recent decades.


Every day a new way to cut down calories appears, some more reasonable than others. Exercise trends change nearly as often as dietary ones, and it can be difficult to determine which course is the best to take. The problem with most people is that they want an instant and easy route towards weight loss. This has led to people consuming pills and teas and other ‘miracle’ solutions which promise instant weight loss. Yet, more often than not, these pills contain harmful chemicals which place your health at risk. The most sound solution would be to exercise, and if you must use supplements, use those that are naturally derived and approved by experts. Don’t just drink any concoction because it promises you weight loss in three weeks.

Aware of the risks posed by these chemicals, most people are taking an interest in natural solutions. The good thing with these options is that they are generally quite safe. Take for instance the papaya fruit, which is our point of concern here.

Healing Properties


The papaya fruit has been around for centuries. It has been used for a variety of reasons that range from skincare to constipation healing. You may be surprised to learn that some people even use it for birth control.

More recently, papaya has been garnering attention for its ability to promote weight loss. When using it in this capacity, you should use the green unripe pawpaw. I know the ripe one is much tastier, but it is, unfortunately, far less effective. This is because the unripe pawpaw contains papain and chemo papain enzymes that help in the breaking down of macronutrients from foods, easing their absorption.

If these fruits are uncommon where you live, you can still reap the benefits of papaya; many supplements offer the same results. However, these supplements should be taken in moderation — no more than one tablet a day, or as otherwise directed – because taking too much can be dangerous.

Normally, weight gain is as a result of the storing of excess nutrients. The body stores nutrients when they are taken in excess or when it is unable to absorb them. This is why the body produces its own enzymes to aid in the breaking down of foods. Although chemo papain and papain are not produced by the body itself, they still have the same function. This explains why pawpaws are given to people with digestion problems: they help in the breaking down of foods. Papain will, in particular, help break down proteins into smaller and soluble molecules that will be easily absorbed by the body. This will help ensure that none of the proteins are stored as fats in the body.


In essence, if you incorporate papaya into a healthy diet, your body will be able to effectively utilize the nutrients you take in and thus ensure that no fats are stored around your stomach to form those rolls and tummies. Also, this constant breakdown will help keep you energized. This is especially important if you are exercising. The production of more energy will help you work out effectively — another bonus for weight loss.

It should be noted that papaya enzymes used in isolation cannot grant you the weight loss you desire. You have to use them in conjunction with other healthy habits, such as exercising and maintaining a proper diet. You must still eat healthy foods. Avoid fast foods, take in lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. This way the enzymes will help ensure that your body does not store any fats, while the workouts ensure you burn the already accumulated calories.


The road to weight loss is hilly and even the weak ones must survive. This has to lead to the invention of numerous strategies to make it easy. Papaya enzymes are a recent entry. These enzymes aid in the breaking down of nutrients to ensure all of them are utilized and that none of them are stored in the form of fats. They should thus be taken as one exercise and eats healthily.

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