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Paula Patton Net Worth 2024

2013 was the year of Robin Thicke. There was nowhere in the world you could go that didn’t play Blurred Lines on the radio. The song reached 242 million listeners around the world. It was also the best selling single in the United States with over 6 million downloads. With single sales, tours and performances Robin earned over $15 million in 2013 bringing his net worth to $30 million. The R&B crooner made the most money in his career with that one single. But 2014 saw a twist of fate for the man sitting on top of the world when he and longtime wife Paula Patton called it quits on their relationship. No word yet on a divorce but if it does get to the courts Paula’s successful movie career has helped her garner a high net worth and financial standing of her own. Paula Patton is worth $13 million.


Paula Patton’s career began in 2005 and since then she has appeared in over 20 films and television roles. The actress even expanded her resume with producing a medical documentary in 2002. Patton has acted alongside some o Hollywood’s best. She played Denzel Washington’s love interest twice in Deja Vu and in 2013′s 2 Guns. Paula’s most notable role came in the 2009 Oscar nominated film Precious. It was considered one of her greatest roles. She lost the cute girl image and played a GED teacher who served as a mentor to an inner city girl who was raped by her father and dealt with emotional and physical abuse from her mother.

In 2011 Paula got her biggest financial break in the blockbuster Mission Impossible Protocol. She was paid $1.5 million for her role. It was the fourth film in the Mission Impossible franchise and in 2014 she signed on for an even bigger pay of $3 million for part 5. Patton is also slated for another big pay day in the film adaptation of Warcraft. The movie is based off the popular video game. Paula signed on for $2 million.

It was destiny for Paula to grow up and become a Hollywood actress. She lived across the street from a movie studio. She used acting as a coping mechanism to pretend she was someone else. Her first gig in the business was as a producer after completing a film program at the University of Southern California. Patton also met her first love Robin Thicke when she was 14 years old. The two have been together ever since. Their relationship maybe a big loss for her but her career continues to boom. Paula is definitely going to be a big money maker in 2014.

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