Peptides and Its Roles in Muscle Growth

Problems are many in human life and we need solutions for all of these. Though we really do not have solutions for all of these, we are constantly trying to find them. The lack of solutions has led human beings to search for all of these and find things that we need. It has kept us going and contributed to the development of human society in general. The diseases and health concerns we face are a part of the problems that we have been dealing with for years. From fighting obesity to getting the shape of a dream, the struggle is long and the result is cherished. But there are people who need to stay in shape and also maintain a certain figure for professional requirements and also for personal reasons. Regular exercise, proper diet, supplements discipline, and dedication lead one on the way to getting the dream body. But this journey is long and also never-ending. A lot of struggle goes into achieving the physique and performance happens to be a great factor in this. Only better performance can yield better results. That is why bodybuilders and athletes emphasize performance so much. It is necessary for them to enhance their performance. In the community of bodybuilders, peptides are popular as performance-enhancing aid. These are often seen as an alternative to steroids.


Peptides are more like tiny versions of proteins as these are also made of amino acids. But the chains are much shorter and there are fewer molecules in the peptides than in the proteins. They have a structure that is similar to messaging compounds or certain hormones. Many of these peptides have the capability to penetrate tissues as well. They also take part in producing both DNA and hormones. These are naturally present not only in the human system but also in plant and animal sources of proteins including whole grains, lentils, beans, eggs, dairy, fish, and meats. Peptides can also be synthesized in the labs to get a certain kinds of results. These are available in powder form for oral consumption as well as in injectable form.

The job of peptides

Due to a similar structure as messaging compounds and hormones, peptides also have the capability to connect with several receptors within the body and activate certain compounds and functions. This capability enables the peptides to influence several processes in the body. Some peptides with certain compositions and sequences might be able to protect against cell damage, boost the immune system, prevent blood clots and reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol. Some peptides also release certain hormones that aid muscle growth. These peptides help bodybuilders to maximize their training results.



Bodybuilders are sometimes required to bring a change to their bodies as soon as possible but without causing any harm. GHS or growth hormone secretagogues are peptides that can stimulate both the production and release of human growth hormones. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and has the capability of promoting fat reduction as well as muscle growth. It also stimulates IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor -1 from the liver. IGF-1 promotes muscle growth by triggering muscle protein production. This is an indirect way to trigger the breaking down of body fat. In the 1980s HGH was considered to be a popular performance-enhancing drug by professional and recreational athletes. But from 1989 onwards, the use of off-label GHS as a drug was banned due to safety concerns.

Peptides for bodybuilding


Growth hormone secretagogues are the peptides in which bodybuilders are more interested. The list of best peptides for muscle growth has names like GHRPs or growth hormone-releasing peptides, Ghrelin and GHRH. Growth hormone-releasing hormones like CJC-1293 and 1295, tesamorelin, and sermorelin have the capability of stimulating the production and release of HGH. Tabimorelin, macimorelin, ipamorelin, anamorelin, and lenomorelin fall under the category of Ghrelin and its action mimicking compounds. GHRPs have hexarelin, GHRP-6, GHRP-5, GHRP-4, GHRP-3, GHRP-2, GHRP-1 and alexamorelin in the list.

Safety is a concern in case of using any drug. The effects of short and long-term use for bodybuilding purposes are still unknown. It is not safe to use nonprescription or off-label GHSs. These peptides are available at BiotechPeptides for research purposes to licensed researchers only.

Be careful of the eventual side-effects

As we explained, peptides are small proteins, that can improve your bodybuilding performance in general. We can say that you are using unnatural additions to your daily routines, so you can boost the natural muscle growth and strengthen. Many people find them popular and useful, so they can adjust their body composition, and accomplish the wanted results. They are a more anticipated alternative to steroids. We all know that steroids can be sometimes dangerous and risky for the health.

Right now, there is not enough evidence that can show the potential risks. More research is needed, so there is exact information on how the peptides influence bodybuilding.

If you decide to use peptides for muscle growth, you need to know that they can promote reducing body fat. And when it comes to the best peptides for this purpose, we can mention GHRP and Hexarelin, Ipamorelin, Follistatin, CJC-1295, BPC 157, IGF 1, and Tesamorelin. All these peptides can help you optimize muscle growth properly.

Their goal is to promote fat breakdown, which is also known as liposys. Also, the enzymes stimulate the muscles to regenerate faster as you exercise.

Even though there are not many known side effects, you have to be really careful, and if you feel bad after taking the peptide supplements, you have to adjust the dose, or simply change the product. We can assure you that it’s not really crucial to ruin your general health, in order to have well-built muscles.

Are there foods with natural peptides content?


If you are not a fan of supplements, we can suggest adjusting your daily menu. For example, increase the intake of eggs, milk, and meat, since they are natural resources of different types of peptides. Don’t skip on your weekly fish portion, and add beans and lentils to your meals.

You can include flaxseed and hemp seeds in your oatmeal or wheat.

By including these peptide-rich foods in your daily menu, you can reduce inflammation and prevent the formation of blood clots, and also lower your blood pressure.

All these things show us that there are plenty of benefits of using peptides, no matter if they are natural or in a form of a supplement. They help you heal and boost the collagen in your skin. So, there are really many benefits and no proven serious side effects.

With all these things said, now you know what it’s like to take peptides, and what are the potential benefits.


We highly suggest everyone to be exceptionally careful when they take muscle growth supplements, no matter their nature. Make sure you visit your doctor before you do something like this. All the peptides, proteins, or even steroids, can be effective if the person is completely healthy. In any other case, it can cause even bigger health issues, and we don’t want that to happen.

So, now you know all the potential benefits and risks, and we believe you will be able to determine which one is the best for you.

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