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Percy Harvin Net Worth 2024

It was as if no one was on the field. Percy Harvin scored two touchdowns during the Super Bowl. His second touchdown took the game to 28 -0. Seattle Seawhawks was all smiles at MetLife Stadium. Harvin only played two previous games during the 2013 season.

In 2013 he just signed a 6 year contract worth over $60 million. His net worth is an astounding $35 million. Harvin is one of the richest players on the current Seahawks roster. He got a $12 million signing bonus in July 2013. His current salary stands at $2.5 million but in 2014 his salary raises to $11 million. He is worth every penny. In 2018 he becomes a free agent and his contract will be up. But after this remarkable game with Seattle Percy Harvin will be worth far more. His two touchdowns will make it to the history books.

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