Perfect Hamptons Style Coffee Tables

From all the ways to add glamour and style to your living room, there isn’t a more functional décor than a Hamptons style coffee table. As such, these coffee tables are in-demand. But what makes them so cool, functional, and desirable? Apart from being the perfect living room table, a Hampton combines color and style to create a calming and natural look.

The Hamptons style coffee table goes nicely with any décor and living room theme. The flexibility of a Hampton helps highlight key features in your living room. Even though we’re waxing lyrical about it, people struggle to pick the right one for their living rooms. As such, we’re here to give you our best Hamptons style coffee tables for your living space.

3 Perfect Hamptons Style Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

1. Cool and White Hampton


Since the whole idea of a Hampton is to highlight a style of décor that is calming and natural, what better way to do that than with a cool and white Hamptons style table.

This is one of the most popular picks for any household. Bright colors are the essence of the Hampton-style décor, and the color will help open up your living space. This particular pick works wonders for smaller spaces to create the illusion that the space looks much bigger. For extra features, look for a glass top to finish up the modernistic look. You can even look for a living room table with a drawer for extra space – a feature that also works for smaller spaces.

Extra compartments are always useful when lacking storage space at home. You can use the compartments of a white Hampton coffee table to store essential items for the living room. These include the likes of small candles, a lighter, ashtray, and more.

So with this particular pick, you’re not only rocking the Hampton style, but you’re also getting functionality.

2. Dark and Wooden Hampton


Opposite to a cool and white coffee table is a dark and wooden table that perfectly highlights the Hamptons style décor. This coffee table is not only sophisticated but also contemporary. A blend of minimalism and shades of darker colors helps portray feelings of wealth and style.

When it comes to the dark color, it also portrays warm feelings. As for the choice of wood, oak is the best type of hardwood that helps highlight these feelings. As such, a dark oak Hampton coffee table with minimal features is the best value for money you’re getting.

With that said, oak is indeed expensive. But dark oak isn’t as expensive as white oak. Regardless, this particular pick might be just outside your budget range. So if you’re looking to substitute the oak, look for pine or fir.
But we shouldn’t forget about durability. Since we’re talking about hardwood, you should know that the coffee table will last for decades. But if you’re looking for the ultimate choice of wood that will outlive you, then maple is by far the best option.

When it comes to wooden Hampton-style coffee tables, the sky is the limit. With so many options and styles to go for, every type of wood has its strong and weak sides. We haven’t even talked about mahogany or walnut. These types of wood are also perfect for a Hampton-style coffee table.
So if you’re interested in that, MAISON has you covered.

3. Glass Hampton


How could we forget about glass coffee tables? Arguably the desired choice for millions of households across the world, glass helps highlight style in a particular way. Not only is glass a highly versatile material, but it also looks marvelous. But how does glass blend in with the Hampton style?

It’s safe to say that a glass top with metal joints is a popular choice for a Hampton-style coffee table. Since glass is versatile, and you can bend the metal joints whichever you like, that leaves you with plenty of options. But even the type of glass can make a huge impact on your living room décor.

While regular glass is hot, tempered glass is even better. Tempered glass makes it difficult to leave scratches, meaning the glass top will survive longer. Tempered glass is also more durable. So in addition to that, you’re getting a glass top that looks amazing and rocks even more.

We’ve talked endlessly about the versatility of glass. As such, you can find Hamptons style coffee tables in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From a whole-glass table to a steel frame with a glass top, the sky is the limit.

How To Buy the Perfect Hamptons Style Coffee Table?

With that out the way, it’s important to know how to buy the perfect Hamptons style coffee table for your living room. Luckily for you, we have a short guide on that.

  • Look At Your Space

Not every coffee table will fit in your space. A Hamptons-style makes your living room look elegant and classy. But what if you don’t have the space to fit the table? To solve this problem, always look at your space and the size of your living room. Grab a measuring space and determine how much room there is for a coffee table.

  • Look At the Colors

Mixing colors isn’t a smart thing to do. The right Hamptons style coffee table needs to match the colors of your living space. This tip is quite straightforward to get right. If your living space includes warm colors, then go for a coffee table with those exact colors.

  • Look At the Décor

Color isn’t the only factor to consider when buying the right Hamptons style coffee table. Your living room décor has a particular style that you also need to match. If your living room embodies a timeless look, then wood is the obvious choice. However, if you’re looking to combine a coffee table with furniture that looks more traditional, then a glass coffee table works better.


That concludes our short guide on the three best Hamptons style coffee tables. With a shorter guide on how to pick the right coffee table, we’ve hopefully explained to you everything you need to know about the Hamptons style.

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