How Long Does It Take To See Results From Grow Lights?

Nowadays, growing plants indoors has been easier with the help of grow lights. Now you don’t have to grow your plants outside for optimal growth. You can grow them indoors as well by providing an artificial environment and taking good care of the plants.

Using grow lights is really necessary if you want to grow plants inside. Grow lights provide optimum light to the plants. With the use of grow lights, you will see effective results in 24-48 hours of installing these lights, and within a week, you can see the real change in your plants when they will receive sufficient light.

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What grow lights, and how does it work?


Like human beings and animals, we need light to see. Similarly, light is very essential for plants as well. Plants use light as a source of energy for photosynthesis and growth. During photosynthesis, plants use light, CO2, and water to create glucose which is required by plants to get energy and grow.

Now, when you are growing your plants in your basement or in a room where there is no access to direct sunlight then you might need grow lights. Grow lights are artificial lights that are used to provide light to the plants if your plants don’t receive enough sunlight.

If you want to grow your plants healthier, and there is insufficient sunlight, you can install these grow lights to provide artificial light to the plants. Grow lights replicate the spectrum of light that plants receive from the sun and are suitable to provide an adequate amount of light to the plants. Remember different plants require a different amount of light to grow.

Which grow light is suitable for plants?

There are mainly three types of grow lights, i.e., Incandescent lights, Fluorescent lights, LED lights. There are other grow lights as well, such as HID, HPS bulbs, and Halide bulbs, and selecting a suitable one can be a little overwhelming and confusing especially if you are buying grow lights for the first time.

  • Incandescent lights


Incandescent lights are the cheapest of all grow lights and are easily available everywhere. If you are using these lights in your grow room, then install them by keeping some distance of a minimum of 24-inch from the plants.

You must follow certain precautionary measures while using incandescent lights as these lights get very hot. Incandescent lights are suitable for large rooms where they can be installed far away from the plants. Also, these lights last a maximum of 1000 hours hence be ready with spare light bulbs.

  • Fluorescent lights


Fluorescent lights are an upgraded version of incandescent lights. Like Incandescent lights, these lights are also cheap, but they last for a longer period and don’t get too hot. The spectrum of light is blue in these lights and can be easily installed just like regular light bulbs.

These lights are also commonly used in warehouses, garages, outbuildings, etc. These lights have long thin tubes and provide enough light with a single bulb.

  • LED lights


LED (light-emitting diode) lights are used in most of the grow houses. These lights are also cheap and are small in size, which makes them easier to install. These lights are available in different color spectrum lights based on your requirement. These lights are ideal for smaller grow houses, and you can install them close to the plants.

These lights don’t provide enough light as bigger bulbs or tubes. Hence, you must install these in bulk to provide the same amount of light. These lights last longer than any other grow lights and don’t consume much electricity.

How to get better and quicker results from grow lights?

  • Monitor the temperature of the grow room

Grow lights like LED lights are only a source of light for plants. Sunlight provides both light and heat to the plants. Hence, plants must be kept at an ideal temperature for better and quick growth.

Monitor the temperature of the grow room and ensure that the environment is optimal depending on the types of plants. If your grow room is too cold, consider installing an alternative source of heat to maintain adequate temperature levels.

  • Avoid over-watering plants

Since grow lights don’t provide enough heat, that means it is not effective in evaporating water from the soil. Over-watering the plants may cause the plants and soil to retain excess water, which may cause insufficient oxygen supply and lead to slow growth.

Hence over-watering the plants can affect the growth of plants. Growing plants artificially require less water compared to growing plants outside. So always use 70-80% less water when growing plants indoors.

  • Ensure the placement of the grow lights

The placement of the grow lights is essential for better and faster results. If you have a small grow room, then consider installing LED grow lights close to the plants. Whereas if you have a large grow room, then you can install incandescent lights keeping a safe distance from the plants.

Also, ensure that the lights are evenly distributed over all the plants. It is ideal to install the lights above the plants as they grow towards the source of light.

  • Ensure optimal light cycles in your grow house

For effective results from growing lights, you must know how much light is required by the plants. Ensure optimal light cycles in your grow house. Different plants require a different amount of light for better and quicker growth.

You must turn on the grow lights for at least 8-10 hours and a maximum of up to 15 hours. Nowadays, there are automated grow lights available where you can set the timer for optimal light cycles.

Wrapping up

Different plants require a different environment for better and quicker growth. With the help of grow lights, you can even grow plants indoors and provide an adequate amount of light to the plants. The results from grow lights might vary depending on the types of plants.

However, use suitable grow lights and remember the tips to grow plants efficiently and to achieve faster results.

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