The Rise of Video Resumes & Video CVs in Recruitment

Everything around us is changing and evolving, just like we are, but with the latest technological achievements and overall developments in this field, it’s pretty clear that we are highly dependent on our phones, tablets, and tech in general. Now, this is not a bad thing, far from it, as we live in a fast-paced world where having the right info at the right moment is crucial, and on the other hand, that’s only possible if we follow the latest tech trends. Social networks also have an immeasurable role in our society, and they even cause various trends, which is why today, video calls, for example, are nothing unusual, as people use phones for plenty of things, both private and work-related.

Job recruitment process


The trend of creating professional videos is on the rise, and it’s nothing unusual that today as part of job recruitment, employers ask for video resumes and video CVs. When we look at the whole recruitment process, this should not come as a surprise, as even before, in order to get a job, you first need to send a CV, and if you make the cut, you go to the live interview. Video resumes and CVs speed up this entire process, and it’s beneficial for both parties, employers, and potential candidates. Of course, in order to understand this trend, we need to get into more details, so let’s start by highlighting the benefits first.

Recording a video can have a lot of benefits

Recording a video for the resume or CV can have a lot of benefits, and they became more popular during the pandemic when it was impossible to interview someone in person. After a while, it became pretty clear that this is something that should become a common practice in the job recruitment process. Now, since there are many benefits, we will further explain them in the text below and make it clear to everyone why they are gaining popularity and why they are that useful in recruitment.

1. Easy to watch


When it comes to recruitment, employers can deal with a lot of applications, and it can be pretty challenging to find the right candidate among them. Thanks to video CVs and resumes, it is much easier to choose the best ones without spending too much time, as each of them should not last more than one minute. The shortest amount of time to present yourself in the best possible way is 30 seconds, and employers can watch more of them in order to decide which candidate is the best fit for a certain position.

2. The opportunity to showcase

Thanks to video CVs and resumes, candidates have the opportunity to showcase their skills and show that they are a perfect match for the job they are applying for. They also have the chance to make a great first impression if they are communicative, understand which skills are necessary for a certain position, and know to show them. On the other side, it is also great for companies as they can easily check if some candidates are faking and list the skills they do not have in order to get the job. It is much more difficult with written CVs and resumes as HR teams need to check every candidate and whether they have the skills they listed or not, while in video versions, they can notice it pretty simple.

3. Great for social media


Thanks to the internet and social media, it is much easier to find the right candidate than it was ten or twenty years ago when they applied only with written versions and in-person interviews. Video CVs and resumes are easy to upload on social media in a few seconds, and they can help employers find the right candidate without spending too much time in the search. On the other side, candidates have the opportunity to create a good video that can show all their skills and improve their chances of getting hired without applying to too many companies.

4. It’s more practical and efficient

From the employers’ point of view, and depending on the job position, it’s much easier to find the right candidate when you can see and hear someone instead of reading the resumes. Videos provide a much better sense of who that person is, how they see themselves working at your company, how ambitious they are, and, besides all that, you get a much better understanding of their work ethics and how dedicated to the work they are. It also gives you a much better picture of their verbal and nonverbal communication and whether they will be a good fit for the company. It is a win-win situation, as candidates can showcase their skills and present themselves in the best possible light, and employers can much faster go through all the videos and find the best person for the job.

5. Easy to organize and save


Sometimes the candidate who has applied for a certain job position would not be a perfect fit but could have skills that are valuable to the company for some other job position. In that situation, the HR team can save their video CV or resume and have it in mind when it comes to opening a new job position. It is much easier to save videos than to deal with written CVs and resumes, as they require a lot of space and can be pretty difficult to organize and remember.

The bottom line

The sooner we accept these inevitable changes, the easier it will be to find the right job or the right person for that job. Understandably, just like CVs have a certain format that you need to follow, video versions of it also have a form of how video resumes and CVs should look and how long that video should be. Luckily, we all have high-quality cameras and at least a bit of experience in editing, so creating a charming and informative video resume should not be a problem. But, in case you are uncertain about your video editing skills or don’t know what norms you have to follow, then consulting the experts in this field like can be of great help.

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