Why Most Video Creators Fail

Editing video content exhilarates any passionate video creator. As you bring elements together to make your final footage, it can make your heart pound in excitement. After all, you’ve got a message that you want the world to see. Plus, you anticipate what your followers will think of your content. If you want to make sure that your masterpiece wows the crowd, avoid these common pitfalls. Let’s get started to see what these are so you can avoid them when using your video maker.

Starting Without a Proper Plan in Place Resulting in Mistakes

When you start making video content without a plan, you plan to fail. As a video creator, always begin your projects with an objective. Firstly, knowing what you want will allow you to craft the best script and storyboard for your target audience. Secondly, plans help you determine the location, cast, equipment, and editing effects to use. Above all, a clear goal ensures that you don’t waste time or make mistakes.

The easiest way to start your plan is to know what your goal is. Write down a list of the things you want to achieve, and the possible ways to do that. Don’t be afraid of A-B testing, and know that you can always change or adjust your plan as you go.

Dealing with Terrible Audio Quality That Distracts From the Images

Consider this a gentle reminder to avoid the mistake that a newbie video creator makes. Typically, newbies plan the images but forget about sound. Remember, you are creating audio-visual content. Thus, the sound is equally important as they make your moving pictures come alive. Poor audio quality will turn off your viewers. For best results, tweak the sound using your video maker. You can try doing the following:

  • Add musical scoring
  • Include voice-over narration
  • Incorporate sound effects
  • Edit out noise for best sound quality

However, you must remember that your video editing tool can only do so much. But having a good video editing tool by your side, such as can help immensely. To assure you get the best results, always use good quality make when you shoot. On top of that, make it a point to pick a good location with not much noise.
If you cannot find a place that allows you to film in peace, then you should know you can always replace the current audio. Play around with options until you find the winning combo.

Working with Choppy Transitions that Prevent Fluid Movement

As a video creator, you must be vigilant about transitions. This effect helps move your story forward and assures that your video doesn’t look choppy. Usually, if one clip doesn’t extend long enough, it can make your transition feel incomplete. One scene ends up overpowering the next, resulting in a quick blank screen appearing in between. To prevent this problem, make sure your clips are long enough and adjust the transition time using your video maker. After all, you have various transition effects to choose from like:

  • Fade
  • Crossfade
  • Dissolve
  • Cutaway
  • Ripple
  • Wipe

Utilizing Inconsistent Graphics That Hurt the Eyes

Though you may not be a professional designer, you can now confidently utilize them with the help of your video maker. Since this tool comes with so many features, you may feel tempted to use them all. As a video creator, you are the one at the helm. As such, remember that there’s always beauty in simplicity. Resist the urge to use them all at the same time because you don’t want to hurt your viewers’ eyes or overwhelm them. To avoid this scenario, make sure the following are always complementary:

  • Make sure the font typeface works with the theme.
  • Choose graphic and font colors that match the background.
  • Avoid over-killing it with too many visual elements on the screen.

Thus, always work with the “less is more” concept. Strive to achieve and demonstrate unity, harmony, and consistency in all aspects of your videos. Resist the urge to go crazy on the graphic elements, as this can just distract your viewers. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice your message with elements that make it more difficult for your audience to understand the content.

If you are not sure if your result looks good enough, and if you are not sure if you’ve used too many of the features, then ask a coworker to give you their opinion. Two sets of eyes are always better than one, and when you ask someone else for their opinion, it is going to be easier for you to understand if, and where you are making the mistake.

Forgetting to Work Without Your Distribution Channels in Mind

A video creator must always edit videos with the distribution channels in mind. Remember, various social media platforms have different specifications regarding the size of the video. For example, Instagram’s main feed works best with a square frame. Meanwhile, IG stories work well with specific vertical aspect ratios. For best results, verify the specifics of your chosen platform to ensure that your work is not distorted or cropped. Apart from social media, you can also distribute your work via the following:

  • Pin it to your official landing page
  • Embed with a blog article
  • Send via email
  • Paid ads

Remember, always use the correct video format based on your distribution channel. This assures you can optimize your video to the right platform. After all, your primary goal is to ensure that your audience can see your final project in the best possible light. With so many competitors out there, you cannot afford any mistakes.

Hence, do everything in your power to ensure your content stands out and shines.
On the same note, remember that on every platform there are different types of people, and you should know who you are targeting. Sometimes even one different shot can make all the difference, so create your content depending not only on the platform you are using but also on the people you are targeting.

Use these tips to avoid failure and to avoid making the mistakes most new video creators make. Test out different platforms, play around with shapes, colors, and features, and try to be as unique and as creative as possible.

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