4 Self-Education & Personal Growth Books to Read on the Weekend

It seems like personal growth books are gaining more and more popularity these days. Bookstores are filled with literature helping you to increase productivity and become a better version of yourself. People turn to books on self-development when they feel that they need major changes.

To be successful and happy, you don’t need to change the world. It is worth starting with yourself – you will learn how to deal with your weaknesses and strengthen your best qualities. But which self-education books are really worth reading? Here is a list of 4 books that are definitely useful and inspiring. Read them, achieve new goals and say yes to life!

1. Dale Carnegie, «How to Win Friends and Influence People»


Carnegie’s book was first published in the 1930s and is still relevant nowadays. Why? Because human nature remains the same.

The book represents a collection of real-life stories of the author’s students, friends and relatives. Carnegie teaches readers to believe in their own strengths, get rid of uncertainty and master the art of communication. The author is sure that most people like to talk about themselves, so you should ask them about their personal experiences.

He recommends us to be genuinely interested in our interlocutors, and listen to them carefully. Emphasize on other people’s positive qualities and make them feel important. This way, they can become our friends – that’s the main point. If you want to discover more psychological tricks and understand what guides people – read all six sections of the book.

They are devoted to numerous techniques: from handling others and making them like you, to swaying people to your way of thinking. You can free up some time for reading thanks to the, which can help you with papers, homework and other assignments. A qualified writing team never violates deadlines and follows all of your requirements.

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2. Hal Elrod, «The Miracle Morning»


Some books change our attitude towards life. And only a few of them change our lifestyle and behavior. Hal Elrod’s book does both – and faster than you might imagine. Learn how the first hour after waking up determines the success of your day and helps you reach your potential.

Get up earlier and organize your morning time wisely. The author gives tips on how to make the most of your morning. He highlights important activities for the beginning of your day:

  • sports;
  • reading;
  • meditation;
  • affirmations and visualization;
  • keeping a diary.

Are you a night owl? Do you enjoy sleeping in late? Well, this book will definitely motivate you to change your routine. Following the author’s advice, readers improved their health, began to earn more, learned to focus on key tasks and, most importantly, became happier. This book is for everyone who wants to change their lives by starting small – from the first hour of the morning.

3. Joe Dispenza, «Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One»


If you sometimes worry about not being able to control your life – Joe Dispenza’s book is a must for you. There is no need to come to terms with reality. According to the author, you can change it at any time. Dispenza is a famous researcher in the field of neurochemistry and neuroscience. So, he offers a scientific approach to improving your life.

Dispenza doesn’t share abstract knowledge – he provides information received along with the experiments. The results of his research have shown an amazing pattern. Brain cells do not distinguish real physical experiences from imaginary ones that occur in our thoughts. This gives us the freedom to create our own life as we please.

The author claims that the subconscious mind can only do what you have programmed it to do. So, during the 4-week program, you will work with it to achieve what you want. Dispenza shows that nothing is impossible if you learn to control the energy and strength that are already embedded in the human subconscious.

4. Susan Cain, «Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking»


Have you ever felt that parents and teachers tried to make you develop such qualities as communication skills and teamwork? It seems that modern societies are willing to raise children as leaders and extroverts. To build a career, a person needs to be open-minded and confident. The public encourages the manifestation of these traits. But what if we couldn’t meet the established standards?

Susan Cain convinces us that people who are introverts are as capable of challenging tasks as extroverts. Even more – they manage to complete them much better due to the peculiarities of their temperament. For example, introverts tend to listen to others more, show empathy, and help colleagues to solve problems.

The author proves that being an introvert is not so bad. Moreover, it offers many benefits. As an argument, Kane writes about famous introverts and their success. The author also claims that modern Western culture misunderstands and underestimates the traits and capabilities of introverted people.

Cain’s mission is clear – she wants to help introverts appreciate the qualities of their character and become more confident.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, self-development is a difficult path. It lasts a lifetime but brings lots of wonderful things to your life such as new opportunities and personal growth.

Anyone can achieve success using their own strengths. The main thing is to set meaningful goals for yourself, be honest, hard working and not be afraid of failure. Thanks to self-education books we can always stay inspired and willing to discover our potential. Good luck with making your dreams come true!

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