7 Shower Grab Bars Placement Tips for your Bathroom in 2024

If you may have thought that grab bars were intended exclusively for the elderly, you are mistaken. The situation is completely different. So other generations also benefit greatly from this. Our bathroom is always slippery during the shower, so the chances of falling are always possible.

That is why these aids can prevent slipping, especially when it comes to children who have the same chances of falling as the elderly. No matter how safe your showers are, a moment of inattention is enough for something bad to happen. Bathtubs are even more dangerous because most of them have high edges due to their depth.

Of course, bathtubs and showers are made in such a way that most people can cross them. However, it mostly depends on the balance of the people. Those who do not have such a good balance have a higher chance of falling. However, there is a solution and that is this bar. So read below a few of our tips that will help you ideally place it in your bathroom.

1.Compare models and find the right one


The great popularity of this product can sometimes confuse people, because there are a large number of models on the market. To make this process easier for you, we will present you some of the most sought after models.

  • Safe-er-Grip Shower Handle – This bar is for all those who need a temporary solution. This means that it is very easy to install (without tools), and even easier to remove without damaging the walls. However, this is for people who have a balance problem to adhere to because the weight is limited.
  • Vive Bathtub Rail – Unlike the previous bar, this one can withstand a weight of over 250 kg. It attaches to the edge of the tub. You don’t need tools for it either, because they are attached to the bathtub with clamps.
  • Stander Security Pole – This type of bar is the largest in size to date. It is installed from the ceiling to the floor, and in the middle it has a curved part that can withstand a lot of weight.
  • Moen LR2354DBN – Introducing the bar model that can withstand the most weight so far. Thanks to its excellent characteristics, it can be used under a load of over 450 kg.
  • LED Grab Bar 16 Inch – This classic-shaped bar is made of solid steel and has great durability. You can find it in different sizes and colors. Installation is very simple, because with each product you usually get additional elements for installation. The manufacturer evekare has even added LED lights, so not only is it useful, but it also beautifies the bathroom.

2. Check the basic elements

As you can read, you have a really big choice ahead of you. We have listed only a few different models, and in addition you have hundreds of different ones. So you need to know what you are buying. You will only make a successful purchase if you pay attention to a few basic items. These are the dimensions of the bathroom, the weight, your needs and the quality of the product.

3. Compare room dimensions and grab bars


In the first place are the dimensions of the space or shower. It is important to consider this because certain models may not be compatible with your bathroom or its elements. In order not to spend time and money on correcting the mistake, it is best to check this before buying.

4. Consider the weight factor

As we mentioned earlier, some people are heavier, taller, and so on. However, people need these bars for different things. So you may want a model that you can rely on completely because you have difficulty getting into the tub, but you may only need it as a holder.

5. Determine the quality


Next, consider the durability of the model. Although you will find it tempting to have a model with which you do not need to have tools for mounting, but simply attach them, but they have their limitations. You may have endless installation options, but models like this usually don’t last long. So consider the offers carefully.

6. You need to know the procedure with the bath / shower

Depending on whether you are installing this product in a shower or a bathtub, you need to know where it should stand. If you haven’t had a chance to learn more about it so far, read our explanation below. So, when it comes to the shower cabin, it should have at least three edges, and then the bar would stand in the following places: at the entrance point, the side edge and next to the faucet.

As for the bathtub, the principle is almost identical to the one with the shower, except that there is a small accessory. This is the advice we would suggest to you, and that is to use a clamp when installing the rod. This makes installation faster and easier, and also attaches the bar very well to the edge of the tub.

Of course, before this, consider the other things we have listed. You will need to combine several factors at once as you may have noticed. The most important thing is that the bar is compatible with the bath/shower and that it is stable. Otherwise, it can only cause additional problems instead of preventing them.

7. Consider the physical characteristics factor


There are bars that extend from the floor to the ceiling and contain a handle in the middle. However, other models that are smaller in size are usually placed 35 inches from the floor. When you consider height and other physical characteristics, you will surely know how to choose the right one.

The best way to determine the dimensions is by simulating a shower. If the person who needs the bar does this, they will know exactly their position during the shower and when they will need the bar. This way, he will be able to determine not only the height but also the place where the product should be located.

It is important to go through this process, especially if it is an elderly person who usually needs 2 bars or even more.


We hope that our tips will help us to properly install and install grab bars. Keep in mind how much this can make your daily shower easier and prevent possible injuries. However, its functionality depends on the correct setting. So pay close attention to the above items and we are sure that you will provide your bathroom to the maximum.

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