7 Awesome Stag Party Ideas & Activities to try in Bucharest – 2024 Guide

Rule number one for organizing a stag party should be no stress and hardship because you are about to organize an awesome party for your stag crew. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get together with your closest buddies. This important organization role usually falls to the back of the best man, but there are a couple of things that need to include the bachelor as well, to assure your success as a party planner.

In this article, we chose to present Bucharest as a perfect stag party destination. The capital of Romania has earned its title of being the “Eastern Paris”, because of its amazing architecture. Besides that, and its rich culture, in the last couple of years its nightlife has been appealing to travelers around the world. It’s one of the biggest cities in Europe and perfect for organizing one hell of a stag party.

If organizing a stag party on your own is too stressful, you can always hire professionals from to organize it for you. Their list of the party ideas and activities you ought to try when you’re in Bucharest are long and exciting. However, in this article, we will present you with a couple of our own. Keep reading and get inspired.

1. Spice up your transfer with a striptease


The stag party starts as soon as you land at the destination. So, you might as well make sure it starts right. What better way than to hire a “spicy transfer” that will entertain your stag crew with a quality striptease in a transfer limo.

There are of course a variety of vehicles available for transfer, you can even higher more than one, depending on the size of the group. Communicate with the transfer providing company all the details you would like them to include in your offer, such as girls (yes, you can choose to have more than one stripper), themes, drinks, maybe even some finger food, music and maybe a guide to give you all the key information you may need for the first time stay. Since you will be going back home at one point, maybe have the same type of transfer fun on your way back.

The transfer time from the airport to the city usually takes about an hour, giving you enough time to enjoy this activity.

2. Hire a wake-up service

When you have already arrived at your accommodation of choice, what you want to do is make sure you don’t spend the whole trip sleeping and suffering from a hangover. That’s why you need to think of a sobering activity, early in the morning. Bucharest offers a personalized, sexy, wake-up service, you can choose to buy for one or multiple mornings. At the desired time, there will be a cleaning service knocking on your door, surprising you with a fifteen-minute show that will make you sober up instantly. A stripper, dressed as a maid will treat your stag crew with a good morning striptease, after which you will be all smiles and ready to hit the town for some sightseeing.

3. Visit a shooting club


For a daytime activity, we suggest you take a trip to one of the city’s shooting clubs. It’s a great idea for blowing off some steam, in a very manly manner. Shooting activities are always at the top of the list of the most favorite and fun activities offered in Bucharest. Mostly because of the variety of guns and rifles you get to shoot from is huge and can be found only in Romania. This is also a guided visit, so having a local by your side is an asset, even though many people do speak English.

4. Try some of the team building activities

Many are offered around the city and on the internet, but there’s one, in particular, that’s only found in Bucharest. It’s the escape room. If you want to put your brain activity, trust, and strategy as a group to test, there’s no better activity than this. It’s close to those escape rooms you can play online, only this one is real. It will put you under exciting pressure and give you an experience of a lifetime.

Escape rooms come in different thematic, you can choose anything from black magic to prison break themes. There’s always a background story and scenario you follow towards finding the escape. The difficulty also varies from one story to another. The duration of this activity is approximately one hour.

5. Take a beer tour


After the adrenaline rush you’ve had while trying to escape a haunted room, what better way to relax than to have a beer tour. These are perfect after lunch, daily activities. The aim is to get to know all the important sites of the city, connected to culture, but also to taste all the local beers Bucharest has to offer. You will get some history lessons, about how life was like during the communist era, Romania is famous for, but also learn about the process of beer brewing. These tours are guided, and guides speak multiple languages. They last approximately 4-5 hours.

6. Go gambling

Bucharest may not be Las Vegas, but do not underestimate the service in its casinos. You may be very pleasantly surprised. As we already mentioned in the introduction, the city is well known for its high-quality nightlife, and these apply to casinos as well. In fact, all the best reviews written by people who experienced casino life, say this is better than clubbing. The variety of game choices, the music, the drinks offer, and the girls serving them, made everyone visit at least twice. There are many casinos around the city, however, Fortuna Palace is the highest rated on websites such as TripAdvisor.

7. Night bar crawl


Skipping night bars is unacceptable for any stag party. If you want a unique experience, we suggest you go crawling, but with one and only absinth. During these tours you visit a couple of bars around the city, drinking the only absinth, in a company of a local. They last up to 4 hours and include drinks.

Choosing Bucharest as a stag party location will support all your wildest ideas.

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