8 Vlogging Tips for Beginners to Start YouTube Blog in 2024

Vlogging is a fun, entertaining, and a lot more personal version of videos. It is very similar to the concept of blogging, except vlogs are all about videos while blogs feature written text and images. Vlogs are the untapped resources of the Internet as they have not been actively explored yet. Some YouTubers vlog regularly, but not many of them are into it.

A major reason why vlogs are still not in trend is that they feature the personal life of a person, especially a celebrity or one who has something exciting to share with the world. While many YouTubers prefer creating a separate channel for their vlogging content, others use Instagram and Facebook for such videos.

Since vlogs are more candid, they are always entertaining to watch, especially for fans or for people who find the content relatable. It is all about upholding the normal life of a person, in a slightly more interesting way.

Vlogging tips for living by


Now, you might have something entertaining to share with the world. The best way to do that, as you already know, is to create vlogs. You could write blogs too, but a video is much more enjoyable to watch. However, there is one thing that you must keep a keen eye on, making your vlogs stand out. No matter how mundane your content is, if you cannot make it look like an interesting subject to talk about in gatherings, there is no way your vlogs will take off. Most vlogging influencers on the Internet stick to travelogues because they are a safe bet. You, on the other hand, can take a ‘road less travelled by’ and spin the needles towards something a little more quirky, like trying on weird dishes at weird restaurants.

Given below are some useful tips that can help you set your camp in the world of vlogging. Happy reading!

1. Know and plan your content:


Before you jump in and create a YouTube channel for your vlogs, take a deep breath and hold a meeting with yourself. Think of all the things that you want to do in your vlogs. While you can decide on a single genre, like travels, you can also experiment with many other niches as you prefer. A vlog, unlike a systemic YouTube channel, can be many things, including a disorganized series of super entertaining videos. It will work in your favour as it will bring in an element of surprise for your viewers.

2. Identify your target audience:

There is one more thing that you need to decide in that meeting with yourself- who your target audience is going to be. It is especially important to increase your chances of being a successful vlogger. Be as specific as possible and identify them on social media for your convenience.

3. Build your brand:


Now that the ground-work has been laid, it is time to start your vlog! Building your brand is a part of the process and happens gradually. Even if your videos are weird or disorganized, you will have a brand. These tags will be the definition of your brand. For example, if you review weird dishes, your viewers will remember you as the person who reviews weird dishes. This will then become your brand. Therefore, do only the things that you want to be remembered for.

4. Plan which channels you aim to use as your vlog and how:

If you are a YouTuber already, it is suggested you use a different channel for all your vlogging content. You do not want to clutter your main channel with everything.

5. Determine and practice with your shooting equipment:


Using vlogging equipment and YouTube video editors can be quite intimidating if you do not have any video making experience. You can have a peek here and learn more. Hence, dedicate some time to learn and to practice using these. If you think it is too cumbersome, it might be a good idea to hire someone else to do the job for you.

6. Make relevant vlogs:

The reason why vloggers are successful is that they make something suitable. They put in their personal lives and opinions into these videos to make their viewers feel closer to them. While you don’t necessarily have to do this, it will do you good to practice on your friends and family with some dummy content.

7. Design the pilot episode of your vlog:


Design a perfect pilot episode for your blog. Use for your intros and outros and get started with a mind-blowing video showcasing amazing content.

8. Go all out with marketing:

Marketing is an essential part of your vlogging experience. Hence, use all your social media pages and your YouTube channel, if you have one, to talk about your vlogs and why people should watch them. If you are not confident, hire someone who can take care of the promotions for you.


Vlogging is very different from your usual YouTube videos. These uphold the real side of you, and that is precisely why you must be careful with your vlogs. As mentioned before, do not put out content that you do not think defines you or what you wish to do. Make vlogs about things that you want to be known as, not things you will find hard to wash away.

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