How to Store Cannabis for an Extended Period

Cannabis has been used as a spiritual and recreational drug for centuries now. One significant drawback for those who either need it or enjoy using it: its duration of effect. THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, degrades rapidly and begins to disappear from the buds after only two months — even less if exposed to heat, light, or air. Long-term storage processes for cannabis are necessary to make it last as long as possible and preserve its psychoactive properties for future usage. That’s where this article comes into play. Here is a list of the most effective ways to store your weed long term. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning everything about storing cannabis for an extended period.

1. Freeze it

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Freezing is probably the best way to store your weed for an extended period if you don’t want to do anything else to preserve its effectiveness. It’s simple: just put your buds in a freezer and take them out when you need to use them. There are two ways of using frozen cannabis: throw it into a joint to get stoned or grind the buds into a fine powder and then roll it.

2. Make Hash

Hash is an old way of using cannabis that’s recently grown in popularity because it can be smoked without any other equipment than your fingers. The hash quality is higher than regular weed, which makes this method perfect for long-term storage. First, the cannabis has to be dried, and then all of its trichomes — the thick layer of resin on top of it — have to be carefully separated from the buds and placed in a small bowl. A few drops of olive oil will ensure that none gets lost in the process, and don’t rub your hands with the buds to avoid contaminating them. Once your weed is all in the bowl, you need to make it into a fine powder and mix it with some cigarette or hash paper.

3. Make Edibles

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If you don’t like smoking cannabis, there are other options for using it. One of these is simply cooking your dried weed with some butter, oil, milk, or other dairy product and then using it as a spread. This way, you’ll get the same amount of active components in your food as if you’ve just smoked them — without compromising safety while doing so. You can also mix cannabis with cocoa powder and then use it to make some weed cookies.

4. Make Tea

Another simple way of using cannabis without smoking is to make yourself some weed tea. First, you need about 1 gram of dried buds for every cup of water and then follow these steps:

– Boil the water in a saucepan;

– Place your cannabis in a glass jar or anything similar;

– Pour the hot water over the buds and close the jar as tightly as you can.

– Let it sit for 20 minutes;

– Put a strainer on top of a cup and pour some hot water over it — this will clean your weed out of any dirt;

– Add honey, sugar, or whatever else you like to make your tea tastier, and then enjoy it.

5. Make Butter and Oil

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Making cannabis butter and oil follows the same procedure as making regular butter and oil do — you need some weed for it. There are two ways to make your equipment or buy it. You can easily find online instructions on creating your cannabis cookware, like a cannabis oil press, but if you don’t want to go through all the effort of building it by yourself, you can buy one in your local cannabis store.

6. Make Joints

This is another simple way of consuming your weed. First, you have to grind the buds into a fine powder and roll it in paper with some cigarette tobacco in it. Once they’re filled, light one end and wait for the joint to burn on its own. As this method requires more equipment than any other listed here, this is not the best way to store cannabis for an extended period. If you want to learn more check out this website.

7. Prepare it as a Salad Dressing

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The last simple thing you can do with your weed is turning it into a salad dressing. To make some, first dry and grind the buds into a fine powder and then mix it with oil, water, vinegar, and salt. Shake it all together, and then use it as you typically do. The ground weed will dissolve in the oil, making it an excellent salad dressing with a slightly different taste than regular ones.

8. Make Cannabis Capsules

If you want to turn your weed into a capsule, follow these steps:

– First, dry and grind the weed;

– Pour it into capsules and enjoy.

If you know where to look, you can buy cannabis pills in marijuana dispensaries or even online. There are several benefits of using them over smoking or any other consumption. First, you don’t have to worry about the taste because cannabis capsules are tasteless. Second, they allow for precise dosing, and third, they are easily portable and will fit in any place where other medications are allowed.

Another benefit comes with them — they’re not as strong as most people think they are. People always say that cannabis capsules are powerful, but they’re actually around half as potent as the weed itself. This makes them the best way to store marijuana for an extended period if you plan on using it later and want to avoid having to smoke it all at once.

If you’re looking for a place to buy edibles online in Nova Scotia, there are plenty of options available. You can find a variety of edibles ranging from chocolate bars to gummies and everything in between. There are also a number of different online retailers that sell edibles, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that meets your needs. Plus, with the convenience of online shopping, you can have your edibles delivered right to your door.

Don’t let your stash go wrong because you forgot about it or can’t use it all at once. Instead, make any of the above-listed recipes and store cannabis for an extended period to enjoy it later on instead of wasting it!

9. Use Bubble Bags

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If you want to turn your weed into something that you will be able to smoke, later on, this is a perfect way of storing it. It’s a relatively new product on the market and is usually more expensive than other kinds of storage, but you can get high-quality bubble bags from reliable suppliers online. They’re pretty easy to use — place your weed into them and pour water over them. The resin will stick to the fabric, allowing you to take it out and store or smoke it.

10. Granulate Your Weed

If you don’t want to make anything with your weed but still want to smoke it later on, then there are some other things you can do with it. One of them is to granulate your bud into a fine powder that you can then store and smoke later on in a container.


There are several ways of storing cannabis for an extended period, but they all share one thing in common — they’re not suitable for keeping it in its original form. The best way to store marijuana is by turning it into butter or oil because these will last the longest, and you can use them later with almost no percent of degradation.

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