10 Surefire Ways to Save on Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is critical for proper functioning. As the pool owner, you’ll need to undertake various repairs and inspections to ensure that your pond stays safe for all. These involve installing a safety barrier, pool fence inspections, and regular cleaning. Nonetheless, maintaining your pool can be costly. And this depends on its size, features, materials used, and design. There are various ways to save on pool maintenance, and simple actions can significantly lower your maintenance costs.

How can I lower my pool maintenance costs?

1. Pool covers are handy!


A pool cover slows down the rate of evaporation and keeps your pond warm. This prevents your heater from overworking, which translates to more energy savings. You can also acquire a solar pond cover that traps the sun’s rays.

That’s not all, though! A pond cover will conserve water when your pool isn’t in use. It will minimize the pool’s chemical consumption and keep debris and dirt at bay. And this will lower your cleaning time and costs.

2. Install a pool fence & Have regular inspections

A pool fence is a regulation that you should adhere to. Check the state laws on pool barriers to accidents and injuries, particularly if you have kids. The pond safety fence is also prone to damages, and unearthing these in advance saves a lot.

Hire professional pool inspectors and have them fix any minor issues. These will avoid major damages that can turn out to be costly in the future. Most pond owners consult DolphinPools for pool fence inspections, maintenance, and quality accessories.

3. Use chemical test kits.


Test your pond water regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria and algae. These are fast-growing and aren’t easy to eliminate. However, a simple test kit enables you to check this with ease. Monitor the water chemistry by ensuring that the chlorine levels stay within the right PH. This should be between 7.2-7.6 PPM, with alkalinity of 80-120PPM

4. Clean filters& Skimmers

Clogged filters are prone to damages, and it will cost you to replace them. Ensure that the filters and skimmers stay clean. This ensures that the pond water remains clean and free of debris, dirt any other tiny particles. To do this effectively, follow the filter guide; the cleaning procedure varies depending on the filer type.

Also, keep the skimmers clean. They protect the filter by trapping algae debris such as leaves, garbage, and bugs. Empty the removable baskets often. This avoids clogging and damages to the filter.

5. Turn off waterfalls & Deck jets.


Water features like waterfalls and jets use up a lot of energy. They also cause more evaporation and water cooling. Turn the features off when the pool isn’t in use. Moreover, don’t run the filter throughout; turn it off for a few hours daily. Monitor how long you can turn it off and still maintain cleanliness in the pond . This way, you’ll save a lot on energy costs.

6. Use energy-efficient pumps

Traditional pool pumps run at one speed. They use a lot of energy on low-intensity tasks such as filtration. However, a speed pump can save a lot over the long run. Acquire this and many other pond accessories from a legitimate vendor to ensure quality products.

7. Avoid over-cleaning


Every homeowner wants to have that sparkling clean pool. However, you don’t need excessive chemicals or let the robotic cleaner run for hours. This wastes money and won’t make much difference. Instead, learn how to clean using accessories that can help lower your cost. If unsure about this, engage professional cleaners.

8. Adjust the temperatures down

A heater allows you to stay comfortable and get more out of your pond . However, you pay for every degree of the temperature, and keeping this high means more costs. You may love the idea of swimming in warm water, but you can save a lot by lowering the heater temperature. Most importantly, turn off the heater when not using it.

9. Create the right environment


You can’t relocate your pool after installation. But, there are various ways to modify its surroundings for enhanced efficiency. For instance, erect a wind barrier to minimize water evaporation and lower your heating costs. If there are big trees around the pond, trim the branches. Moreover, avoid trees species that cause a lot of debris like acacia, ash trees, bougainvillea, evergreen elm, and azalea.

10. Proper storage of vacuum heads

Robotic cleaners are superior to suction pool cleaners. They clean faster and effectively, thus saving a lot in energy costs. However, replacing vacuum heads can be costly. If you don’t store your vacuum heads properly, they’ll get faulty often and require regular replacement.

To maintain them in perfect condition, keep them away from direct sunlight and store them upside down. Also, shock your pond twice or thrice weekly. This saves a lot on chlorine and bleaches, which can be costly.

Why hire professional pool maintenance& fencing services?

Damaged parts can be costly. But, with a professional pool maintenance firm, you get to know any faulty devices early enough. This translates to prompt repairs which save on costs. Also, the professional will inspect your pool barrier and guide you on how to maintain it in excellent condition. Besides, there are numerous state regulations on fences, and not abiding by them can land you in trouble. That’s not all, though! Pool inspections ensure a safer pond that avoids accidents, injuries, and drowning.

Are there things to keep in mind when hiring a pool maintenance company?

Pool maintenance firms offer services at varied costs. Compare quotes and get the best deals on maintenance services. Don’t compromise on quality, though! Consider other factors like experience, skills, and team availability.

Engage professionals with years of experience and adequate skills to handle different pool maintenance tasks and repairs. Ascertain that the company is licensed and uses modern tools and equipment.

Final thoughts

Some of these ideas are simple and won’t cost you much. But, they can save a lot on your pool maintenance costs. It’s worth mentioning that a pond fence will go a long way. It will help avoid accidents and secure your kids when there are no adults around. Have the pool barrier inspected by a professional and adhere to the state’s regulations on pool barriers.

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