How to survive the first year as a law student

Have you just enrolled in law school and are you looking forward to this first year? The beginning of a new university path is certainly among the most important moments in life: it is in these years that you will lay the foundations for your future and develop the mentality that will allow you to truly grow through learning.

The faculty of law is among the most chosen of all: the passion for the law is common among many students and the charm of this path continues, even today, to attract many students. Lawyer, notary, magistrate, legal consultant: these are just some of the professions that those who choose jurisprudence dream of undertaking.

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But before getting to your future, let’s think about the present: how will you face this first year of law? Here are 7 tips to get you started on this journey and get used to your new life as a university student.

Curious to know what this first year as a member of the Faculty of Law has in store for you? Let’s see together the 7 things you should always keep in mind.

# 1 – Revolutionize the high school study method

One of the first things you will need to do is revolutionize your study method . Compared to high school, the university has other rhythms: you will have to get used to studying more, taking exams with a certain frequency and planning everything well in advance. While this gives you more organizational freedom , it requires more effort on your part. Forget the high school approach and rethink your study method according to new needs.
Law is not a “last minute” race. It is necessary to prepare it little by little and pay special attention to the practices.

# 2 – Learn to take notes

One aspect closely related to point # 1 of this guide is learning how to take notes the right way. Every time you listen to a lesson, get into the habit of writing the most important passages on a piece of paper: do not transcribe word for word, but limit yourself to making diagrams, highlighting words and salient passages.

Regardless of what you think, taking notes is a great way to learn and fix information: this will allow you to already have everything you need to know before opening your law manuals and will also facilitate the review phase.

Make a review at the end of the day and you will realize that you sing the songs with greater agility than immediately after waking up, you will lose less time and you will assimilate them much better.

# 3 – Free yourself from stress


When you start a new path, you are always full of enthusiasm. After some time, enthusiasm risks giving way to stress and pressure. Heavy study loads, difficulties getting used to legal “language” and a new context can increase your stress, with negative consequences for your study. Free yourself from all this: take some moments of leisure and plan your study day always taking into account the right breaks.

Sleep 8 hours a day! While we sleep, our brain assumes the knowledge we have acquired during the day. This is why it is important to get a good night’s sleep before an exam.

Sport at the beginning or end of the day will make you disconnect, relax and give you the necessary motivation to study.

It is important to stick to your study schedule because this will allow you to have time for other activities. It is for this reason that in your study environment you should avoid electronic devices, as they will distract you and waste time.

# 4 – Improve your communication

During the first year, you will have to take your first university exams. You will have to get used to taking exams in written and oral form: this is why it is important to work on your communication. While this aspect is very overlooked by students, work on your own way, especially in front of an oral exam.

Train in front of a mirror: observe your posture and your gestures and make sure you transmit self-confidence. Spell the words well, learn to make smart connections, improve every aspect of your communication and master performance anxiety.

Language is the main tool of a lawyer. The law student must double or triple the vocabulary he used in his high school days. To do this, study from the best books and never overlook an unfamiliar word without searching and learning its meaning.

# 5 – Quickly pass a fail


Especially in the early days, it is not uncommon to fail an exam. This may be because, at first, you are unfamiliar with the exam itself, with the context and with the subjects covered. Sometimes those who are rejected get very demoralized and lose confidence in themselves: the advice is to take this event as an opportunity to improve and grow.

# 6 – Always plan

Organization is the key to truly achieving results. Plan your study in advance , without reducing yourself to the last second and managing your deadlines better. The best thing to do is to look at your learning plan and decide when to take each exam. On the basis of this calendar, starting from the time you have to study, start breaking down the material (books, notes, handouts): commit to studying every day according to your availability. It is not important to study many hours in a day, but to do it consistently.

Be disciplined! The right is a permanent update. When you think you have reached the limit, you will give the best of yourself.

# 7 – Believe in yourself


The last piece of advice to make the most of the first year of university is to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Keep motivation high at all times: when you feel tired, remember the goals you have in mind and why you have chosen this path. Believe in everything you can do, in your ability to learn and in your professional project.

Only in this way will you be able to maintain the concentration you need to pass this test to the fullest!

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