6 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Maintenance More Affordable – 2024 Guide

Everybody enjoys owning a swimming pool, but so much when the time for maintenance finally comes. You see, it’s not the easiest job in the world to maintain a swimming pool, but thankfully we have professionals who offer their service to us, helping us use our free time to focus on more important things. However, it’s not the cheapest thing you can get.

Swimming pool maintenance costs depend on a few different factors. The type of the pool, the size of it, the terrain around it and what kind of results you’re expecting. Is it just regular scheduled water cleaning, or do you want your filters and other mechanisms completely replaced as well? Maybe some re-coating on the surface so it’s once again “grippy” and pleasant to step on? All of that costs, and some people don’t really like buying a swimming pool just because of the maintenance part. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce these costs, and today we’ll tell you how.

1. Install a Wind Break – Less Water Evaporation


Not many people know this but wind actually makes your water evaporate faster. And, if you live in a windy area, chances are that you’re heating up your water, which is yet another cost, and then wind makes everything so much harder for you because it evaporates that water. You are basically getting twice the loss. You lose water, but not just any water, the one you spend your precious electricity heating it. In order to fix this, simply invest in a wind break. Install it anywhere in your backyard and you’ll cut down your swimming pool maintenance costs by a lot.

If you’re still considering where to get your pool from, is a website where you can draw some inspiration from.

2. Get Yourself an Energy Star Certified Pump


Pumps need to be energy efficient otherwise they’re not worth it. According to the statistics, if most people switched over to using energy-star-certified pumps for their swimming pools, their long-term costs would drop for more than forty percent when it comes to the electricity spent. But, you don’t have to opt for this particular brand if you have something else in mind. What we suggest is to replace your old pump and get a new, modern one because there will most-likely be a huge difference in terms of costs and expenditure. Newer pumps are built to be eco-friendly, and people in 2024 know that being mindful with resources is a big deal.

3. A simple blanket as a pool cover can help a ton


People usually pay quite a lot for pool-cleaning maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Often, entire pool-cleaning packages include multiple different service in them, for example cleaning the water out of any debris, but the less of these services you “tick off”, the lower your price can be. So for example, if you need only the filter-replacement part of the package, you will end up paying less. To minimize your costs, installing a simple pool cover will take you a long way.

These things don’t cost much to purchase, ten dollars at most in cheaper markets, but they are so easy to install and you can always put them on while you’re not using your pool. This will prevent anything that’s not welcome from getting in there and spiking up the price whenever you call someone to clean the pool for you.

4. Invest in quality filters – Less Time Spent Replacing Water


Quality filters are a must if you are not a fan of regularly replacing your water. We know that they can sometimes cost quite a lot, but it’s an investment you make once and they last for a very long time before they ever need replacing. Now for the most important thing about filters, they are often on sales and promotions, so you can almost always afford to wait a week or two and make a purchase at a much reduced price. Doing this will ensure that you don’t spend your time and money replacing water, because quality filters will take care of that issue for you.

5. Dark-colored pool finish for more sun absorption


If you are the type of a person to heat up the water in your swimming pool, then you can cut quite a lot of your heating costs by opting for a darker pool finish. Doesn’t ring any bells? Well, here’s how it works.

It’s a well-known fact that darker materials absorb more heat from the sun, especially when they are directly exposed to it, which is probably the case with your pool, unless you have it indoors or completely covered up with something. With a dark-color pool finish the sun will do the heating job for you, allowing you to “skip” those days where you have to use your electricity-powered water-heating mechanisms.

Also, you can make your initial investment slightly larger in order to have many years of peace. What we’re trying to say is invest in a durable pool finish because it will last for a long time and you won’t have to pay for replacing service or have to deal with it on your own.

6. LED Lightning – Better and less-costly atmosphere



Out of all the lightning you can use to create an atmosphere around your pool, the most cost-efficient and less-expensive one for maintenance is LED Lightning. Not to mention that these LED lights come in many different colors so you can easily create the right type of atmosphere for your swimming pool without having to pay huge electricity bills or replacing the lights frequently. LED Lights are definitely more durable than any other type.


A swimming pool is an amazing investment that can drastically improve the health and quality of life of those who invest in one. During the summer it’s both a physical activity that develops your body and a relaxation method when the heat becomes unbearable. The dream of every pool owner is to have minimal maintenance costs, and in today’s article we explained exactly how to achieve this.

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