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  • Barack Obama Net Worth

    How much is the first Black President of the United States worth? Barack Hussein Obama earns $400,000 a year for his presidential salary. $13 million from..

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  • Rob Ford Net Worth

    Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto was worth almost $100 million from his family fortune in their business Deco Labels & Tags but he allegedly spent $50K in cocaine

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  • Stephen Colbert

    Political pundit on the highly popular television show The Stephen Colbert Report, Colbert is major influence in politics. His salary $4 million per year...

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  • Nelson Mandela Net Worth

    How Much is Nelson Mandela Worth in 2013? Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, born in 1918 the 94 year old South African politician and public servant has become a revolutionary figure in world history. Currently hospitalized in Pretoria Hospital holding on for life support millions of people paid honor to the hero using social media outlets. A life filled with anger and…

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  • Wendy Davis Net Worth

    How Much is Wendy Davis Worth in 2013? Wendy Davis is a Texas Democratic Representative who recently made headlines leading the filibuster against the Abortion bill. The 50 year old politician is a Harvard Law graduate and has spent several years practicing law. In 1999 she became a public servant as a City Councilwoman in Fort Worth Texas. Because of…

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