DNA Repair

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    Top 8 Proven Health Benefits of NAD+ The Ultimate Guide

    NAD is a useful coenzyme that controls metabolic systems and impacts different body processes like cognition, digestion, aging, and mental clarity. It also helps to increase the body’s serotonin and can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Buty what, exactly, are the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy? In this article, Naturopathic doctors from Livvnatural.com share everything you need to know…

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  • Science

    528 Hz DNA Repair

    Diese Frequenz bringt Deine DNA und Deine gesamte Zellstruktur wieder in seine natürliche und gesunde Harmonie. Einfach Kopfhörer aufsetzen und auf Dich wirken lassen und… nach ein paar Tagen wirst Du staunen… Just listen to dies [the]tone. It repairs your DNA and brings back every cell structure in his original harmony. Expect miracles…

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