Top 8 Proven Health Benefits of NAD+ The Ultimate Guide

NAD is a useful coenzyme that controls metabolic systems and impacts different body processes like cognition, digestion, aging, and mental clarity. It also helps to increase the body’s serotonin and can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Buty what, exactly, are the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy? In this article, Naturopathic doctors from share everything you need to know about the health benefits of NADH.

1. Facilitate Fast DNA Repair


NAD+ helps to repair DNA that gets damaged from everyday body processes and exposures. It provides a negative charge to the affected area, which facilitates the repair process.

The process uses the supplied NAD+ to repair your DNA, which could take time if you waited for food nutrients to restore the damage. Studies have also shown that NAD+ helps prolong people’s lives due to this efficient DNA repair.

2. Supports Healthy Aging

Our bodies use NAD to ensure that Sirtuin works appropriately and prevents the cells from age-related problems. Sirtuins are proteins that regulate your biological pathways.

They are regulators for maintaining the ideal length of telomeres, and the DNA strand end caps prevent chromosomes from unraveling. Studies have shown that longer telomeres lead to better DNA.

NAD+ helps to support these long telomeres and allows for healthy aging linked to this longevity. One thing to note is your natural NAD drops when you get older.

That is due to the CD-38 compound, a NAD destroying element that can help if you have sufficient levels of NAD+. It prevents your NAD from getting to an excessive level and mess with your hunger and sleep-wake cycles.

Some studies have shown that CD-38 compounds increase as you get older, and that means more NAD destructions. The balance can tip if you fail to top up your body with NAD+, leading to excessive CD-38.

3. Helps in Sleeping and Eating Patterns


Scientists have shown that NAD+ plays a significant role in hunger and sleep cycles. Your circadian rhythm or sleep-wake pattern depends on dark and light and determines when you feel tired, hungry, and awake.

A healthy NAD, Sirtuin, and circadian rhythm are all related. The circadian rhythm regulates NAD, meaning it determines when to make NAD+ available.

Your circadian rhythm can malfunction if either NAD or Sirtuin gets disrupted. Scientists have proven this by suppressing a certain sirtuin in mice that depends on NAD.

They have also shown that the mice go wonky when excess NAD+ in their bodies disrupts the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm also helps to regulate the production of hunger hormones. Click here to learn more about getting the best NAD+ IV therapy in San Diego.

4. Protects the Brain and Resist Stress

Researchers have shown that NAD+ can help to protect our cells from stress. These studies have enabled scientists to predict the cells’ survival rate when under stress by measuring NAD levels.

Sirtuin is known to prevent oxidative stress, and it requires NAD+ to work correctly. Researchers stressed mice brain cells by depriving them of oxygen and then adding NAD+ to the cell culture and found them to resist stress.

Most of the cells that did not receive NAD+ died, which shows that the supplement can help develop resilience and provide healthier cells.

5. Recovery from Addiction


NAD+ therapy is a holistic solution to medication-based treatment for people undergoing the recovery process. It is the ideal treatment for individuals who suffer severe side effects when they take addiction drugs.

The supplement detoxifies the body by replacing essential nutrients and vitamins that often lack in people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. NAD+ also helps prevent withdrawal symptoms by attaching to opiate receptors, helping the person overcome cravings and prevent relapse.

The coenzyme also helps to protect the brain and speed up the recovery process.

6. Helps in Metabolism Function

Metabolism is the level of energy you require to maintain a healthy body. It is a process that slows when you get older and can result in lower energy levels and weight gain.

NAD+ plays a vital role in maintaining a typical metabolism system, which leads to adequate energy levels and improved weight loss. NAD also plays a role in your body’s redox or oxidation-reduction reactions.

These are chemical reactions in the metabolic system and help to turn food into energy for cell use. NAD+ accepts and releases electrons required in energy metabolism during the respiration process.

It promotes mitochondrial fitness by ensuring that the cells form into the ideal shape to enable normal function. NAD also helps the liver to break down the fats required when the body is releasing energy.

7. Promotes Cardiovascular Health


The heart requires a constant supply of cellular energy to remain active and continue beating. It is the leading metabolically active organ in our bodies and contains the most mitochondria than all other tissues.

An overworked heart can result in a metabolic overdrive and degrade the health of your heart’s cells and mitochondria. Past studies have shown that boosting NAD can improve cardiac and mitochondrial function to prevent heart failure.

The heart is only one part of the cardiovascular system. It beats to force blood via the vascular system – the veins, capillaries, and arteries network – and other tissues in your body.

Recent animal research showed that boosting NAD+ can provide a healthy vascular system to guarantee healthy blood flow.

8. Prevent or Delay the Onset of Diseases

Scientists have found a strong connection between NAD+ and several metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Reduced levels of NAD often lead to fatty liver disease and diabetes, among other age-related conditions.

9. Improve Athletes Health


Athletes looking to enhance their physical endurance can benefit from NAD+ because it boosts cognitive function and energy. Having more energy and reducing your reaction time can mean that your body is in good condition.

It also helps in muscle development.

In Conclusion

NAD+ is used in different processes within our bodies, and its benefits are countless. Your body requires this coenzyme to fuel your cells and help to provide the health benefits above.

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