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    How Do Pharmaceutical Companies Test New Drugs?

    Drug safety assessment belongs to the most important ethical issues addressed by pharmacology and medicine in general. Drug safety is a significant outcome of all phases of testing, even non-interventional testing. While there are typically around 50 or so new drugs licensed for use every year, tens of thousands of candidate drugs never make it. Pharmaceutical companies like AdarePharmaSolutions embark…

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  • Health

    The FDA Just Outlawed CBDs and Hemp Oil Extracts by Claiming All Plant Molecules Now Belong Exclusively to Big Pharma

    I’m issuing a huge correction/clarification to this story after speaking with people in the hemp industry. They’ve pointed out that my article, although posted with the best intentions to help keep CBDs legal and readily available, was freaking out CBD retailers who thought some sort of new law had been passed outlawing CBDs. In no way did I intend to…

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    FDA To Ban Organic Farming?

    Small and large organic farms alike that sell produce would be impacted by the proposed new rules, which would place burdensome restrictions on everything from compost to livestock to water – so much so that many organic farmers will be forced out of business” — Judith McGeary, executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. Farming methods that have…

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