• fashion

    Elevate Your Festival Game: Unique Outfit Inspirations

    Every year, as the world vibrates with the rhythm of music and arts festivals, attendees become canvases of bold, imaginative, and eclectic fashion statements. Festival fashion transcends mere clothing—it’s an articulation of identity, a nod to cultural appreciation, and an uninhibited reflection of one’s essence. Beyond aesthetics, these choices resonate with personal stories, adventures, and aspirations. In this expansive guide,…

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  • Music

    How to Organize Your Own Small Music Festival?

    Organizing some special event in your area can be a great way to celebrate some date, have a lot of fun, and make a profit along the way. A lot of people might think that creating such an event requires a lot of work, money, and a team of people. However, you can start by making a small festival in…

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  • Religion

    5 Interesting Facts about Rakhi Gifts

    Although the first ever Rakhi gift given has its conception in the ancient Vedic era, this propitious tradition continues to be celebrated with the same fervor and spirit of exuberance even today. Raksha Bandhan has shown tremendous evolution, from tying simple threads called ‘Kalawas’ to the latest E-Rakhis and Gift hampers sent to siblings overseas. It is spine-tingling to see…

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