• Health

    What Are The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness In Addiction Recovery?

    Are you recovering from an addiction? It can be difficult, but the key is not to lose hope! It will take time and immense determination, but with the right mindset and the right help, you will be able to overcome this recovery stage. Do you know if you have a goal in front of you, the journey becomes easier! But,…

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  • Politician

    #BernieorBust Oh The Irony

    The Political Movement that Never Was Political Just Social Sorry my millennial peers but as a 29 year old who doesn’t have a lot of twitter followers and fails to get more than 10 double taps on my instagram pics, I have to be honest, this Anti-Establishment, Pro Bernie, Anti-Fracking, #NeverHillary political movement is nothing more than a trending topic…

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