What Are The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness In Addiction Recovery?

Are you recovering from an addiction?

It can be difficult, but the key is not to lose hope!

It will take time and immense determination, but with the right mindset and the right help, you will be able to overcome this recovery stage.

Do you know if you have a goal in front of you, the journey becomes easier!

But, what are these goals?

What are the different stages you have to cross before fully recovering?

For a patient suffering from addiction, these questions are very common. Plus, you should ask these questions, especially when you are taking help from a renowned recovery center.

If you are still confused about whether you should jump into recovery yourself or take help from a professional, we would always suggest you take the necessary assistance.

Infinite Recovery supports every patient through their journey and provides them with the professional care and nurture that you will need.

Why Having A Goal Helps?

Do you know the different wellness dimensions that the treatment will take you through? If not, then you have reached the right place.

Now, coming back to the question of why goals help to ease the journey.

When you have a goal, you have a point of concentration. We all know that confusion creates difficulty, then how about we eliminate this element of confusion altogether.

You won’t have this sense of puzzlement when you enroll in a recovery system when you have done your homework beforehand. Instead, you will know the different stages and their purpose.

– You will know what you are doing.
– You will be aware of the stages and why they are important in these stages.
– You will also know the results that each stage brings and why they are important.
-You will not get demotivated because you are moving forward and not backward at the end of the day.

Now that you know you need these goals and stages let us explain them.

8 Dimensions Of Wellness In Addiction Recovery

When you are embarking on your wellness recovery practices, here are the dimensions that you will be fixing.

It is not just about the withdrawal symptoms and helping you live without these addictive substances.

It is about giving you a new and better life!

You will be healed physically and spiritually. Plus, have this newfound respect for your new and positive life.

1. Emotional


When we think about harmful substances like alcohol and synthetic drugs, we are always thinking about the physical damage it is doing to our body.

But, the emotions; damage is much drastic!

In fact, it is our messed up mental condition that is making our withdrawal symptoms worse and even forcing us to relapse to these habits again.

Many recovery centers have always noted that most of the physical withdrawal symptoms noted, like panic attacks and nausea, are mostly influenced by the emotional state of the patient.

Thus, the first step of recovery is to always clean your mind and then everything else. Then, through cognitive behavioral therapy, the patient will learn about different triggers and how they have influenced substance use before.

Then work towards mending them.

2. Environmental

For someone suffering from addiction they have no sense of reality.

Their inhibitions are lowered and nullified, and you will always find them getting very hostile towards their immediate environment. This could be their family members and friends.

The toxic family environment could also be a cause for their relapses, and that’s why regular family therapies are conducted. After all, the patient cannot reside in the recovery center forever.

The immediate family sits with a therapist and learns about the addiction and recovery, and ensures that the recovered patient goes to a healthy environment.

3. Financial


Synthetic drugs and alcohol are not cheap!

Especially when someone suffers from their addiction, they tend to buy them in bulk without caring about the financial turmoil. Yes, there are some financial difficulties that the patient may face during their wellness.

The therapists in the recovery center ensure that they do not fall into depression or start panicking. Instead, they are taught different ways in which they can fix their financial situation after recovery.

Because depression is the biggest cause of relapse.

4. Intellectual

It is not about their family members, ferns, and the therapist telling them that it is wrong. The patient has to understand it themselves.

Only then will they be able to understand the life-threatening dangers.

Intellectual development is a key element that therapists focus upon during the wellness of a recovering addiction patient. Rather than just telling them, they are shown through different success stories and motivational activities in group therapies.

5. Occupational


Work is bound to falter during the period of addiction!

The addictive substance takes so much of their brain and body that they are not able to concentrate on their work. As a result, their productivity falls, and so does their achievement.

In order for the patient to stand on their feet again, they have to learn the ways they can resume work again normally. This normalcy is a huge step towards their healing.

6. Physical

Some addictive substances are so dangerous that they can cause deformations in the body.

It is only through professional treatment that they will be able to cure themselves. Good physical health will give a recovering patient the motivation to push forward.

7. Social


A deadly addiction affects your social life drastically!

The task is to learn how to be social again. This again has to deal with the dangerous effects that addiction can have and how you can learn to become normal again.

8. Spiritual

Once a patient is mostly recovered from their mental health and their body, it is the time for your soul!

This is when the patient learns the holistic way of living. Wellness is incorporated through mindful activities like yoga, meditation, physical exercise, journaling, etc.

Healed & Ready For A New Life

Healing for addiction is so much more than just getting the substance out!

It is about healing your body, mind, and soul!

Only then will you be able to embark on your new life and lead it with positivity.

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