#BernieorBust Oh The Irony

The Political Movement that Never Was Political Just Social

Sorry my millennial peers but as a 29 year old who doesn’t have a lot of twitter followers and fails to get more than 10 double taps on my instagram pics, I have to be honest, this Anti-Establishment, Pro Bernie, Anti-Fracking, #NeverHillary political movement is nothing more than a trending topic and a ploy for those who’s social media impact is a little struggly to get more followers. It was nothing more than a theory to me until I watched the successful Democratic National Convention get off to a hellacious start. Over 30 million people watched dozens of great speeches by political greats, grassroots activist, and civil rights leaders. Millions were moved by the speeches given by the “Mothers of the Movement” a group of women who lost children to gun violence and racist police, but something else stood out to me and not for a good reason.

I was literally in complete disgust and had to contemplate if I were going to watch anymore of the DNC. Which was basically a yelling match from Bernie supporters. On day 1 of the convention #BernieorBust supporters screamed NO-TPP (drowning out the voices of Civil Rights activist as they give their first hand accounts of their fight for freedom like rep. John Lewis). The also gave the vocal “f-bomb” to former Director of the CIA Leon Panetta, chanting “No War”. Panetta’s service to this country was clearly unknown by the thousands of Bernie Delegates, mainly reppin California. The Former Intelligence Director was in the situation room with President Barack Obama guiding the raid that lead to the death of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Yet 5 years later it’s as if his importance to the fight against terror was null and void by the Bernie Supporters. Either their attention spans are shortened by the constant death of their neurotransmitters in the hippocampus due to heavy coffee consumption from GMO giant Starbucks or they were all born after May 2nd 2011. But either way there was no excuse for their actions during some very important non-directly political moments during the DNC.

Hundreds of delegates, wannabe activist and celebrities walked out the convention in protest for a number of reasons. One delegate stated the DNC failed to move “left” enough on some of the party platform, and delegates walked out in protest just to get a bathroom break. They all walked out in formation with celebrities, and popular youtubers and isntagram models all wearing their NO-TPP shirts and holding their “Wiki Leaks” signs.

But anywhoooo it’s like activism has become the trendy thing to do. Why? Well you get more followers and more likes on social media when you post meme’s about Bernie. As I scroll down my timeline sliding my thumb gently across my phone I skip dozens of shirtless pics, dozens of kale and carrot plates, and seem to always stop on a meme with a large pic of the “Bern” looking so cute and coy with his crooked foggy glasses. And I always notice that mentions of him seem to always be the most liked or commented pic on everyone’s profile.

And you’re given even more cool points if you happen to be standing outside of a building, any building, with a sign that has a picture of a bird, glasses, a unicorn and includes the words “Fracking, No, Bern, Emails, and Anti”. It gets you those ever important likes by your thousands of couch sitting, groin scratching followers. But unbeknownst to the millennial “activist” is that their lifestyle is completely anti-Bernie.

Source: thedailybeast.com

Do you own an iphone, a macbook, ipad, or some form of plastic device with a bitten apple on it, that calculates the amount of Kale you burned off, that only cost $5 to make but cost you $700? Well more than likely you’ve met the first and foremost important requirement to be a Bernie Supporter. Unfortunately Sanders is anti-Apple. Bernie’s main talking point is the greed of Wall Street. He has stated time and time how all companies that manufacture their products in other countries and rely almost soley on their profits from American consumers are “destroying the fabric of the American economy”. One of the greediest companies is the most popular among his supporters. Bernie has even stated “I do wish they’d be manufacturing some of their devices here in the United States rather than in China. And I do wish that they would not be trying to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.” Apple’s chief executive appeared before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to answer questions about the company’s use of Irish subsidiaries to avoid paying billions in U.S. taxes. Int he final quarter of last year Apple notched a record $18 billion in profit during this period, the largest ever recorded by a single public corporation. And this year they project profits above $53 Billion. 74% of their tablet sales are right here in the US. And yet less than 3% of their workforce is in the US!!!!!!!!!!! The tech giant outsources hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs to countries like Mongolia, China, Korea and Taiwan. Apple constantly throws out the number 30,000 but they employ over 700,000 in other countries.

Pegatron Shanghai, is becoming Apple’s number 1 place for product production. 80,000 production workers here and most of them work soley on Apple products. The company is starting to rely on them for new products because of labor cost. Wages are lower, in fact 21% lower in base pay for workers in this foreign production plant. A majority of the workers are temp which allows Apple not to pay them benefits. There’s a new report from the American NGO China Labor Watch that says the workers at this plant are working way to much overtime. Almost 60 hours per week on average. And Apple’s response is that they do it voluntarily. Well the employees at this foreign plant do it because the wages are far to low. The average worker is paid $230 a week. The report also mention that Pegatron’s wages are tooooo low to meet local living standards. .

And yet all of you #BernieorBust attended these rallies during the Primaries and protested outside of Hillary’s rallies just to post pics on your APPLE product. That’s how you show to the world you and your followers that you are anti-big business and anti outsourcing of jobs.I loved how Fortune magazine posted an article about America Apple’s employees love of Bernie Sanders! The irony my friends.
How can you morally say that Hillary is pro big business and yet Bernie Supporters are the reason Big business is doing so well? BIG BUSINESS LIVES OFF OF YOU!!!! YOU FEED BIG BUSINESS #bernieorbust. Every two years you replace your phone with a new piece of Chinese made plastic for $900. Yet you rant on Twitter about how TPP will send more jobs overseas. And the one subject that you love to post is Hillary’s alleged ties to Wall Street. Well I hate to break it to you hipster millennial activist but you’re full of shit and the absolute biggest hypocrites!!!!!!!!! Share that on your outsourced plastic products.

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