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Creigh Deeds Net Worth 2024

Lifelong Virginia Politician Creigh Deeds has spent his entire career as a public servant. The 55 year old won his first seat in the House of Delegates in 1991. From there he spent 9 years serving in the House before expanding his political resume to include State Senator.

The moderate Democrat later pursued the Attorney General seat and most recently Virginia Governor in 2009. As a politician his salary averaged $125,000 to $175,000. Outside of Washington Deeds had made several investments in Richmond businesses earning him a stable profit.

Creigh Deeds divorced his first wife Pamela Kay Miller who receives $3,500 in alimony payments. He had four children with Pamela but the two share custody which keeps him from paying child support. His net worth in 2013 is $2 million.

Deeds was born in Richmond Virginia but later moved to Bath County with his family as a teen. Today he still lives in the county just a few miles from the home he grew up in. Creigh earned his law degree from Wake Forest College. He worked as a paralegal for several years before becoming a private attorney. The majority of his cases were lawsuits from victims of car accidents, and on the job injuries.

In 2013 the former Senator was involved in an altercation with his son Austin Creigh. His son was suffering from bipolar disorder which lead to him dropping out of William and Mary College. His mental health was a concern to both his parents Creigh and Pamela who attempted to enter him into a mental facility in November.

Their attempt to get him emergency treatment failed when the hospital was unable to provide a bed for Austin. Just days later during an argument with Creigh Deeds, Austin stabbed his father several times wounding him before killing himself. Deeds is still in the hospital but remains in fair condition.

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