• Science

    Switzerland Being BOMBED With Chemtrails – Amazing Photo Gallery

    These are some horrifying, yet stunning photographs of what they are doing in Switzerland with Chemtrails – It is almost like they are CARPET BOMBING the whole country! A user called Look Up, Wake Up via Before It’s news posted the article entitled “They Are Killing Us With Chemtrails In Switzerland!!!! (Stunning Pictures)” [1] and here is what they had…

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  • Finance

    Why is Switzerland Melting Down US Gold Bricks?

    Vatic Note: Remember, in the protocols written in 1897, it is made clear that accumulation of Gold by these Zionists was a major objective. This collection of gold, not just from the USA which is the biggest supplier of gold, but also from all western banks, is just one of many steps the international bankers are taking in finalizing their…

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