Why is Switzerland Melting Down US Gold Bricks?

Vatic Note: Remember, in the protocols written in 1897, it is made clear that accumulation of Gold by these Zionists was a major objective. This collection of gold, not just from the USA which is the biggest supplier of gold, but also from all western banks, is just one of many steps the international bankers are taking in finalizing their absolute control over the globe. They are in the process of doing so, one area at a time without any fanfare or attention by most of the mainstream press. China built a gold reserve bunker that can hold something like 2,000 tons of gold. Is that where its going?

He who holds the gold, holds the power. On July 1, new legislation comes into affect that is capital controls legislation and that then tells you what, when, and where you can spend your own money. When this goes into affect, you will have lost your freedoms. And as an added speculation on my part, will come the confiscation of gold and silver from average Americans, along with weapons, ammo and food stocks by the government. Once that phase is done, then will come the announcement that we are globalized and an introduction of the new currency, which will be backed by gold.

So, the question is, how will you get your share of the new currency? Using the gold they confiscated? No, the useless dollars they will have devalued? No, Well, I guess you won’t get any, and will have to start earning it from scratch. What about retirees? Too bad, your retirement account was based on US Dollars. That means you have lost it all. If we do not stop this now, then the end is in sight. Its always been up to us, hasn’t it?

Hah, I forgot to mention that Switzerland is the home of Rothschilds Bank of International Settlements, better known as “The bankers bank”. Basically home of the fiat currency king and his mafia criminals. Now you know why I say the only World War every citizen in every country should fight is against the international bankers. Eventually, they will do to China and Russia, what they are doing to us. We can take care of Britain after we defeat the bankers.

57 Metric Tons of Gold Exiting the U.S.


Big gold bricks are leaving the United States bound for Switzerland.

Once in Switzerland, they’re being melted down.

What’s presently happening represents a “tectonic shift” in power, according to Frank Holmes.

Frank is the CEO of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., an investment management firm with a longstanding history of expertise in gold, natural resources, and emerging markets.

I had the luxury of discussing this evolving situation with Frank on Thursday.

Frank, who lives directly on the frontline of the gold market, says it’s important for investors to realize that gold is exiting the United States.

America has never witnessed a mass exodus of gold like this before.

In January alone, 57 metric tons of gold bullion fled the country.

Scarier still, China recently opened a brand-new vault. It’s a beast, with the capacity to store 2,000 metric tons, or roughly $82.5 billion at today’s prices.

(Is this Chinese super-vault the gold’s final destination?)

I asked Frank to connect all the dots, which he was happy to do for our readers.

Why is Switzerland melting down gold?

Where is the gold headed next?

Is this a potentially lucrative situation for investors?

As it turns out, the answers are rooted in two very powerful emotions, fear and love.

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