3 Ways You Can Test the Effectiveness of your Coronavirus Face Mask

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Ways to Test the Effectiveness of your Coronavirus Face Mask

1. Spectacle test to determine the perfect fit of your face mask


According to the World Health Organisation, if you are going out in a public place that is too crowded or you are having close contact with someone, you should wear a mask that perfectly fits you and stops the air you are breathing out over other people and significantly spreads Coronavirus.

If you are wearing a mask that doesn’t fit your face properly, then the mask will be nothing else more than a thing that diverts the air you exhale. Mask that does not cover your mouth properly diverts the air you exhale either downwards over your body or upwards towards your head, and if you have the Coronavirus, then you are simply spreading it if you are making close contact with someone.

It is important to wear a mask that fits properly in your face. Wear a mask that covers half of your nose and goes under your jaw, leaving no space for the air you exhale to go out. It’s not necessary you have to wear the tightest fit to cover your face properly. Just make sure the air you exhale is not going out directly from the top or bottom of your mask.

Mask with a metal wire over the nose fits perfectly on your nose. To check the effectiveness of your mask, wear spectacles, and if they don’t fog up when you breadth, then your mask is effective and fits your face perfectly.

2. Water test to determine the ability to prevent the absorption of aerosols


The fabric of your mask is also important to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Coronavirus not only spreads from the air you exhale but also from your mouth as well. When a person infected with Coronavirus coughs, sneezes, or talks the water, tiny droplets called aerosols come out from your mouth as well. So the fabric of your mask must prevent these tiny water droplets from going out into the air. These can travel up to 1 meter, and that is why you should maintain a 1-meter distance while talking with someone.

Make sure your mask has a hydrophobic layer from the outside so that it can prevent others virus coming to you and also make sure the inner layer is kind of a tissue paper what can absorb the moisture so that the Coronavirus carried in droplets does not go out when you cough, sneeze or talk.

Some masks even come with a filter that filters the air that you breathe in and is perfectly suitable to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus. The water test is another experiment to test the effectiveness of the Coronavirus Face mask. It measures your mask’s water resistance or its ability to prevent the absorption of aerosols when you encounter an infected person.

To test this, hold your face mask in a funnel shape and pour some water on the outer portion of the mask. If the mask prevents the water from leaking or absorbing, then it’s is effective.

3. Flame test to determine the overall effectiveness of a face mask


There are several types of masks out in the market but are they all effective against the prevention of spreading Coronavirus? It is very important to buy a good quality mask that can prevent the spread of Coronavirus from you to other people and from other infected people to you. An effective face mask fits perfectly on your face and can prevent the absorption ls in water droplets coming out from your mouth when you sneeze, cough or talk. Masks with air filters are a bit expensive, but they are the most effective against spreading Coronavirus.

The flame test is the most effective experiment to determine the overall quality of a face mask. This test measures airtightness, breathability, and the ability to stop the flow of air. To test the effectiveness of a face mask, light a candle or lighter and place it at a reasonable distance from your face and try to blow the candle or lighter. If the flame doesn’t extinguish, then your mask is effective against the spread of Coronavirus. The best quality face masks will not even move the flames.

Final Thoughts

You must be aware if your face mask is effective against Coronavirus or not. There are a variety of face masks people use to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but every case mask is not equally effective. It is important to test the effectiveness of your face mask before going out. The N95 and surgical masks are the most effective face masks.

There are other face masks made of cotton, which are moderately effective, and Bandanas and fleece are the least effective ones and have lower chances to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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