The Importance of Car Shipping Insurance

Many situations call for auto transport services. From moving, heading south for winter or attending car shows to purchasing online from dealers or auction houses – driving may no longer be feasible in certain cases.

Auto shipping offers an affordable and easy solution for transporting your vehicle across state lines – but is it safe?

Damage Coverage

Though less than five percent of cars shipped experience damage during transport, it’s always wise to have some form of auto transport insurance in case any mishaps arise during shipping.

While such coverage shouldn’t rely solely on cost savings alone, it can help ease any unnecessary stress should your car be damaged in transit and make the entire process simpler for you. Before signing any auto transport contract, always ask about their insurance shipping for car and ensure your personal auto policy covers vehicle transporting costs. If not, additional coverage might provide extra peace of mind during transport.

Car shipping companies that offer their own cargo insurance policies typically include it in your quote; this coverage typically varies by company. If you’re dissatisfied with what coverage your current provider provides, consider asking for more or considering additional forms of protection.

Theft Coverage


If your car is being transported long distances, theft could become a real possibility. While theft may not happen often, you need to have faith that your vehicle will arrive safe and sound at its destination. That is why it is crucial to hire a company offering comprehensive auto transport insurance policies.

Before selecting an auto transporter, check their Better Business Bureau rating and read customer reviews. You can visit ( for more information. Ensure they offer exceptional customer service to help resolve any potential issues during shipping.

Prior to handing over the keys, it’s advisable to remove all personal items from your vehicle. This will lower the chance that anything goes missing during transit as well as reduce airborne debris issues. Most car shippers do not cover damage caused by items left inside, so be prepared.

Auto transport companies with excellent coverage provide full peace of mind during this often-stressful process. Their bumper-to-bumper protection gives customers peace of mind during an otherwise trying time.

Collision Coverage

Collision Coverage

Carrier insurance (or cargo insurance) is mandated by law for companies transporting cars directly and brokers that contract with carriers; be sure to ask both for proof of coverage as well as information on coverage amounts and claims processes from your carrier or broker before engaging them in the shipping process.

Reputable car carriers typically include liability and cargo insurance policies in their pricing quotes to protect themselves against any damage that might occur during the shipping process. If using a broker, ensure they offer additional policies as protection.

Note that car shipping company insurance does not typically cover personal items left inside your vehicle, making it essential that any loose CDs and GPS devices be removed prior to transporting. This is particularly relevant if shipping via enclosed trailer as this increases risk for theft and damages to personal belongings.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

While most auto shipping companies are required to carry liability insurance and must be able to present proof when asked, this won’t cover every type of damage which could occur during shipping; having a comprehensive plan in place can ensure any costs related to repair will be covered rather than leaving you responsible.

Although many insurance providers only provide liability coverage, an effective vehicle shipping company should offer cargo insurance to protect your car against potential issues during transit, including weather-related or road debris-related damage.

When selecting your shipper, make sure that they offer both types of cargo insurance policies with policy limits to match. It is also advisable not to choose an agent as your carrier since any claims or concerns should go through their actual carrier instead of through intermediary brokers who act on your behalf.

Liability Coverage

Cars may become damaged during transport for various reasons, so it is vitally important that they have adequate insurance coverage in case this should happen.

Most reputable car shipping companies carry cargo insurance to cover liability in case their transport damages your car, which should be included in their quotes so customers can review its terms and limits.

You should also speak with your own auto insurer as you may need to adjust their policy to reflect any new car values, as well as provide adequate protection against damages that occur during transport.

Many car transport brokers provide additional insurance policies that go above and beyond what a carrier’s cargo coverage offers. These supplementary policies may cover vehicles valued above what their limit can cover; their purpose being to protect valuable cars during transport. You can learn more by clicking the link.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with their claims process so you can be prepared should anything go awry with transport of your vehicle.

Read our article and learn what factors to account for when choosing a car shipping company for your needs.

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