Most Beautiful Gardens of Celebrities in 2024

Have you just moved into your perfect dream house that is in a good neighborhood, has more than enough space and most importantly has an enormous garden? You are settled in your new home and now you are thinking about decorating your garden. 

If you are looking for inspiration you can turn to some outdoor design magazine or your favorite celebrity, from Sting to Ellen DeGeneres. Find the pictures of your favorite celebrity’s garden and use them as an inspiration for your own garden.


When you look at photos of celebrities’ garden, you can see almost everything – from ponds and gazeboes to a small forest and even a golf course and everything in between. But, let’s talk about smaller portions of their gardens that you can duplicate and actually afford.

The first thing you can copy from any celebrity’s garden is 12 ft. triangle shade sail. You can put it anywhere, near your pool, above your patio furniture or in the children’s play area. Not only will it protect you from sun rays but it is also waterproof, so you can sit in your garden when it’s raining.


Why not plant some herbs, vegetables or fruit in your garden? Most celebrities always brag about their little area where they grow parsley, basil, tomato and so on. You can pick a small corner of your garden to plant some herbs. Gardening is a relaxing hobby, it will make your garden look pretty and you will always have some fresh ingredients when cooking.


In addition to your herb corner, you can build a fire pit. Even though it may seem time-consuming, you can build a fire pit in an hour using curved paving stones and laying them out in a circle. It is always a good idea to have a fire pit in your backyard. Arrange patio furniture around it, decorate it with flowers and string lights and this will be the perfect gathering place for your family and friends. Camping and making s’mores in your own garden or hosting summer parties does sound great, doesn’t it?


Furthermore, add a sundial or a fountain in your garden. Statues and ornaments will add additional idyllic note to your backyard. You can purchase a stone sundial or you can build one with your kids. This way you’ll create new, exciting memories with your children and at the same time improve the design of your garden (check NDA design course).


Is your backyard spacious? Build your own pool! It may seem that you need a lot of space for a pool, but that’s not true. Adjust the size of the pool to the available space of your garden. Let’s face it, there is no better way to spend those long, summer days, then swimming or lying down next to the pool under sun shade sail canopy, drinking your favorite cocktail. Plus, pool parties are everyone favorites. If you are not a pool person, you can build a small pond, place rocks or flowers around it, add lotus and fish in it, and enjoy the view.


Moreover, lighten up your backyard. Use string lights, uplights, postlights, candles even lanterns and make your garden extraordinary. Also, plant flowers everywhere. You can plant roses, irises, lilies and any other flowers you can think of.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can build or add to your garden and make it one of a kind.

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