Seven Craziest Things People Bought with Cryptocurrency – Maximizing Legit Crypto Platforms

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized means of exchange. As much as they are digital assets, users purchase items daily using cryptocurrency.

In daily transactions, cryptocurrencies play a diverse role ranging from purchasing the most valuable item to seemingly irrelevant things like a lollipop. Sounds ridiculous right? I bet with the right crypto trading platform like Bitvavo, you can buy and exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at will.

Since cryptocurrencies involve no third party nor financial institutions, an individual can choose how to grow his money. Recently, buying items with BTC is more rampant because many producing industries and services include BTC as a payment method.

Digital currency is rapidly replacing fiat currency, and its impact on the economy is challenging. This development is an opportunity for the millennials and Gen Z, but many governments are yet to see no fault in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, we recommend young investors consider digital assets, especially since they can buy almost anything they want.

Both merchants and customers enjoy Bitcoin as a payment method because it is convenient and secure.
Hence, here are the craziest things that have been bought with cryptocurrencies:

Club Houses


In top countries with a large number of clubhouses, they allow guests to tip dancers with BTC. How is this done? For instance, legend room permit dancers to receive cryptocurrency tips by scanning the QR codes drawn as temporary tattoos. Furthermore, they added; “The Legends Room adult entertainer-branded Bitcoin ATMs are also located throughout the 15,000-square foot facility located less than a mile from the famous Las Vegas Strip, where guest speakers can securely purchase members-only status at The Legends Room on the Bittrex exchange.”

Fashion Wears

Interestingly, you can purchase Alpaca socks and a doge sweatshirt with Bitcoin. Although weird, these two fashion wears have a long history with Bitcoin. Firstly due to its high demand, marketers implement a payment method that is generally acceptable, especially among the millennials.

If you are looking to get any of these two items, is a crypto trading platform you should consider for your money exchange.

Flytrap Plant


Amazingly, the flytrap plant is a necessity in almost every garden. You can own one at an affordable price with your BTC. Owning a carnivorous plant is crucial, if you always sought means to destroy insects invading your garden.

First Apple Machitosh Model – 128k

According to coindesk, Apple is rapidly adopting digital currency, such that it allows people to purchase Apple Machitosh with Bitcoin. A great way to get on board is maximizing the opportunities presented by reputable platforms such as



Hitmen is another unexpected service people never thought towards, with Bitcoin. However, people have patronized this service in the past, and at present, using digital currency. Usually, its payment process is easier compared to fiat currency. People who patronize hitmen services often do so, intending to pay without a traceable transaction. However, when the authorities discover your digital transactions are not traceable, it becomes suspicious. Hence, it calls for trouble and questioning.

Surgery and Body Enhancement

The desire to change body color and shape becomes rampant daily, especially with females and males wanting to enlarge their butt. To create room for everyone, some surgery and body enhancement organizations now permit Bitcoin payment. Most crypto trading platforms, allow users to register a digital currency account and convert their digital assets to any currency of their choice.

Fortunately, sellers implement Bitcoin payment, making it easier for Instagram guys and ladies or alike mindsets to achieve their dreams. Hence, here is the best strategy for target marketing.



This is crazy but true! Relative and friends sometimes pay for funeral products such as a coffin using Bitcoin. Meanwhile, some people avoid settling funeral bills with fiat currency due to some traditional or cultural beliefs. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has been the saving grace.

Moreover, funeral services like Crescent Tide do not see why people should pay for a funeral using fiat money. Hence, they prefer the digital payment method to the fiat method.


The crypto market has gone far in the economy, and the craziest purchase listed above is the minimum. Crypto trading platforms are currently observing the high percentage of new investors daily and implement the latest trading approach.

Since Bitcoin now gets involved in purchasing crazy products, it causes fear in governments and potential investors. However, legit platforms curb any illegal activities as much as possible.

Contact us today to know how you can enjoy your digital currency for daily transactions.

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