4 Things You Need To Know About Using Dab Rigs in 2024

There is a tremendous increase in the popularity of cannabis in recent years, and the main reason for that is that many countries introduced new regulations where this plant and its compounds are legal for use.

While the most common form of this psychoactive plant is as a dry herb, people are now interested in the health benefits of different variants like concentrates and CBD oils.

The rise in popularity of CBD oil is mainly due to its health and wellness potential. There are ongoing studies related to the health benefits of this oil. It has been proven to help people with chronic pain, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and more.

People consume many different forms of cannabis for health as well as recreational uses. The most popular form of consumption is smoking, with joints or blunts being the standard method. This is where smoke cannabis in a cigarette-like form, sometimes with added tobacco sometimes without. Vaping and dabbing are other common consumption methods used for concentrates of the cannabis plant.

Dabbing is more prevalent among experienced cannabis users since it is more potent than most other options. If you are interested in dabbing, you will need a dab rig, and you should check out Lookah for an extensive range of incredible rig choices.

When it comes to dabbing, you will need a special rig that resembles a water pipe or bong. Also, you will need cannabis in the concentrated form known as a dab. These concentrates come in many types: wax, hash oil, terp sauce, budder, shatter, diamonds, live resin, to name but a few. They are created by extracting the active compounds from the plant fibers, often using a solvent such as propane, butane, or carbon dioxide.

The main feature of concentrates is that they are typically 3 to 5 times as potent as the dry herb. This can allow those who need a larger dose for pain management to consume them quickly.

Here are the most important things that you should know about dab rigs.

1. Main Features

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As we already mentioned, a dab rig is a particular device used for smoking marijuana concentrates. In most cases, it is made of glass and has a separate part where you can place the dab material. It is crucial to be aware of the fact that this form of consumption is much more potent. Therefore, beware of how much you’re consuming if you are a beginner.

The main difference between a bong and this device is that it has a nail or banger connected to the down stem rather than a flower bowl.

2. What is the Purpose of Nail?

This part is the most important during vaping. It is heated up using a torch, getting it to a glowing hot temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached the concentrate, is placed on this nail/banger, which quickly vaporizes it. Often a carb cap or other device will help control the airflow without allowing the vapor to escape.

The most common materials used in the production of these nails are quartz, ceramic, and titanium.

The main benefit of quartz nails is that they need less time to reach the required temperature. Also, this is the safest option since there is no emission of toxic substances while vaping. On the other side, the main deficiency is the fragility of this piece.

If you are looking for a more durable option, then ceramic or titanium is the best choice. Ceramics will need a longer time to reach the right temperature but will retain the heat for much longer than quartz.

The other option is titanium. It offers a variety of benefits, but it is important to choose those pieces with a safety layer.

Moreover, you can also choose electronic nails, which can be even more expensive. The main advantage is that the device will take care of the temperature and keep it heated all the time. So it takes the guesswork out of heating the nail and ensures every hit is the perfect temp to release the flavor and compounds you desire.

3. How to Set It Up?

Source: smokecartel.com

Many people are not familiar with this method of consumption. It might seem too complex at the beginning, but using the dab rig is quite convenient. When setting up the dab rig, the first step is to add some water to the lower chamber, just enough to cover the percolator.

Then get the nail to the right temperature. This part can be intimidating for new users, and you should take care to prevent getting burned as the nail will heat up to over 170 degrees Celsius.

After the device is heated, you will have to add the concentrate.

Then you can start to inhale the vapor from the device.

Be sure to keep the nail clean after you finish. This is best done with a q-tip, wiping away any residue. This prevents any oils and residual ingredients from drying in the nail, leading to a burned taste on future uses.

4. Choose the Right Option

There is a wide selection of rigs available on the market. That can be confusing for beginners. In that matter, we suggest you start with some basic model like a Mini water pipe, which is also a much cheaper product.

If you are planning to smoke alone more often, there is no need to buy those bigger models. Instead of that, you can buy a small pipe with a quartz nail for a reasonable price.

However, those with more experience that enjoying dabbing may want to invest in some heady glass that looks cool and helps extract all the potency of their concentrates. These heady glass pieces start from around $100-$150, which is not too expensive considering the parts’ quality and durability.

Main Benefits of Dabbing

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As you can see, there are some differences between dabbing and other methods of consuming cannabis. The main advantages are enhanced taste, more potency, and less smoke.
For example, you can freely smoke it in the living room, and it won’t bother other people who might not be interested in getting high at the moment.

Last Words

If you are interested in buying a dab rig, you should look for well-known producers. You will need a water pipe, a banger, torch, dab tool, and a container to keep your concentrates.

Also, focus on quality instead of price. If you are a beginner, the best option is to start with smaller, simpler devices. You can easily switch to more complex setups over time. We have to mention that there is a wide selection of rigs with unique designs that can be a great decoration in the room as well.

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