6 Things you Should Do in Chicago This Fall – 2024 Guide

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, and it is also one with the most interesting history and traditions. People from all over the world have come to see this beautiful place, and it is said that once you visit it, you will never want to leave. No matter if you want to explore the nightlife, or if you are interested in exploring the architecture and the cuisine, you can find everything you want here. In this article, we are going to tell you more about the things that you should do in Chicago this fall. Know that no matter how much time you spend here, you will always have new things to do, and you will make some of your best memories in this city.

1. Go on a cruise


The first thing that we have for you is an amazing activity you can do on your own, or with your friends or family. It is said that boat tours and cruises are perfect in the fall, and you can admire the local architecture while a tour guide is telling you more about it.

Note that these tours are usually held up to the beginning of December, but you are able to find some cruises that are available all year round. You can choose how long the tour is depending on your time, and you can easily check the schedules and find one that works for you. Remember that you can even bring your own blanket and snacks, and make a perfect day out of it.

2. Don’t miss out on the pizza

Chicago is known for pizza, and if you are ever in this city, you should never miss out to try it. It is said that the pizza here is different from anywhere else, and you can choose your favorite one. There are a lot of local diners and pizza places that make it unique and special for their customers, so you should try different ones.

Some of the places have been around for generations, and they keep to the traditional style and taste, while others like to experiment with tastes, toppings, and overall style of the restaurant. Make sure you make your reservations beforehand, because you may not be able to find a free table if you just show up and want to grab a bite to eat.

3. Go to the theater


If you are up for doing something different, and something that will bring you a lot of fun, then you should go and visit the local theater scene. Nowadays there are a lot of different plays that you can go and see, and CoolThingsChicago suggests that if you are looking for something cool, fun, and humorous to watch, you can check out the Mad Hatter that’s currently playing.

You can also check out other plays, depending on your taste and current mood, and know that you won’t regret doing it. You can book the tickets online if you want to avoid waiting in line for them, or you can just go there and pick a thing to watch depending on what you want to see at the moment.

4. Don’t forget about the museums

One thing you should never miss out on is the museums in this city. They are especially popular in the fall season, so make sure you check them out and book your ticket on time.

Note that because of the social distancing and the pandemic, not all the museums are open, so you should check out what’s available before making your choice. These days at least 20 museums reopen for the public, and you will need to respect the social distancing rules. The Chicago History Museum and the Architecture Center Museum are some of the most popular ones that are open again, and you can also visit the Field Museum if you want to check out everything starting from some of the latest scientific discoveries, up to ancient cultures.

5. Go shopping


For those who love to do their Christmas shopping on time, this is the right city for it! Here you will find much more than the usual things you can get in the shops all around the world. Chicago is known for the unique stores, and handmade products, so you should not miss out on purchasing a gift for your loved ones.

There are a lot of goods here that are made by the crafty hands of the local makers and artisans, so you should check as many stores as you can. In addition to this, if you are interested in traditional shopping, there are hundreds of stores that have things for everyone and everyone’s budget.

6. Boost your adrenaline with a haunted tour

If you are a fan of the paranormal, and if you want to get scared, then you probably already know that there are a lot of places in Chicago that have a dark history. There are a lot of legends that connect this city with the eerie and some locals even say that the legends are more than just scary stories.

So, if you are not afraid to explore the dark presences, and if you want to learn more about the different sides of the past in this city, then you should go on a haunted tour.

You can choose if you want to make your own tour and check out some of the most famous places, or if you want to learn more about the history, and why these places are said to be haunted, you can easily book a tour and have a tour guide explain everything you need to know. Some of the tours last no longer than an hour, while others may take you several hours.

Other things that you can do here is going apple picking, or even visit some of the pumpkin patches, you can go to a drive-in movie theater, or just take a day trip and explore the architecture of this beautiful place. No matter what you decide to do, you are not going to regret it, and you are going to have the time of your life. Don’t forget to check out the local bakeries and restaurants, and try some of the amazing cuisines.

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