Top Careers in the IT Sector According to Demand

As companies are becoming more and more technology-oriented, it’s quite clear that IT careers are becoming increasingly sought-after. What this means is that nowadays, IT professionals will have plenty of different job opportunities to choose from.

However, it’s important to mention that not every career in the IT sector is equally in demand currently. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the top careers in the IT sector according to demand.

Security professional


Since internet security is one of the top concerns of both business owners and consumers alike, it’s quite clear why security professionals are in high demand. Information, data, cloud, systems and network professionals are extremely sought-after as the majority of modern businesses rely heavily on data in their day-to-day operations. These professionals are usually hired to ensure that the business is safe from any potential threats. These threats can come from both outside and inside of the company, so having a multi-layered security system in place is of peak importance. Of course, as technology evolves the security needs to follow suit.

Cloud architect

Another popular profession is cloud architect. With so many businesses using cloud services nowadays, professionals in this field can expect plenty of work coming their way. Cloud architects are in charge of ensuring that deployment, management and cloud support are running smoothly. The main responsibilities of cloud architects will depend on the type and size of the company they’re hired by. But usually, these individuals have a wide range of various skills that are all somewhat connected with cloud.

Database administrator


Database administrators are usually hired to maintain the software that’s being used to manage a database. Aside from that, they’re also making sure that the data can easily be accessed by anyone needing to do so. Additionally, a database administrator also ensures that the servers where all the databases are being stored are operating properly. Database implementation, backup and storage are also the things handled and supervised by data administrators. So, any company that generates or deals with a lot of data will surely need at least one professional of this caliber on their team in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Software developer

Software developers have been in high demand for quite some time now. Ever since the business world shifted online, more and more businesses were starting to create their own software. Either for external use or strictly for company use, it seems that there are now endless software solutions out there. Software developers can easily find work in any industry. But for a lucrative career, it’s always a good idea to focus mostly on some of the most profitable industries. For instance, ever since casinos migrated online, there has been an increased demand for various casino software solutions, as seen in this blog post: Of course, this is just one example of where any software developer can start building their career.

Programmer analyst


A company will hire a programmer analyst to design, code and test new programs. On top of that, they’ll also need to provide insight into the entire process. Usually, these IT experts will be working for a certain client who has clear wishes and demands and they’ll need to find a way to deliver just that. The process of creating and testing a program itself will vary from company to company and even from takes to task. The professionals working in this field are usually excellent at analyzing, debugging, troubleshooting and coming up with innovative solutions. So, when looking for a programmer, make sure you look for someone with great communication skills so that you can easily convey your messages and know that they’re being received and understood.

Systems analyst

System analysts are most commonly to solve any problems a business may be experiencing with their systems. So, what this means is that a system analyst will need to investigate any potential issues the business is experiencing and find a way to fixt them not only quickly but also efficiently. Aside form testing various programs and databases, system analysts will also need to test security. On top of that, every good system analyst will also put together documents and reports regarding all the systems used by the company. This way, they can ensure that every operation and system is working properly.

Mobile applications developer


Mobile devices have become an integral part of every modern person’s life. According to research, every person has at lest two mobile devices nowadays. So, it becomes quite clear why mobile app developers are in such high demand. Businesses that trying to reach success and stay relevant need to cater to their audience’s needs and those needs currently lie in the mobile realm. What this means is that businesses need to look for mobile app developers that will be able to transfer their content to the mobile world. This way, not only will those businesses stay relevant but they’ll also significantly expand their reach. An app developer will create apps, maintain them, troubleshoot any potential issues and make sure that all of them are running smoothly.

Network administrator

Last but certainly not least are network administrators. LAN/WAN protocols, software and hardware a company uses need to constantly run without any hiccups. That’s where network administrators step in. With this profession, even though there are clear workhours, a network administrator always needs to be on call in case something happens to go wrong.

There were just the top careers in the IT sector. Of course, in this day and age, anyone who has any knowledge in IT can use it to build a lucrative career. These careers are just some of the most profitable ones.

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