Traffic Road Accidents Effects and Affects

Accidents and injuries are eventualities that happen when least expected that may lead to harm or loss. Most people are involved in car accidents resulting in long-term or short-term injuries. There are Major and minor injuries that people incur during car accidents, and they can harm the victims together with their families.

Every year we lose people to car accidents. Others incur injuries that entirely scar their lives. Traffic road accidents cause economic losses to individuals and their families. These losses arise from the cost of treatment for injuries incurred and, in such cases, where the person did not have a medical insurance cover. Some of them lose their lives due to injuries sustained from the accident. No one should suffer financially or mentally because of a reckless driver.



Car accident injuries can result from how the accident occurred, was it a high-speed crash or a low-speed crash? Was the car hit from the side, back, or front? The injuries suffered by the driver or passengers always depend on multiple things like:

  • Were the injured wearing safety belts?
  • Did the car have airbags?
  • Was it a high-speed or low-speed collision?
  • Where was the car hit?


The injuries caused by car accidents can either be impact injuries or penetrating injuries. Impact injuries occur when a person’s body hits part of the inside of a car. For example, when your head hits the seat rest while penetrating injuries occur through cuts and scrapes by loose objects inside the vehicle such as shattered window glasses or even your phone.

Accidents can occur anywhere and anytime, and not only on the roads but also at workplaces, during sports, and even animals can cause accidents. In this case, we will be looking at road accidents. Specifically, Long -term and short-term injuries caused by traffic road accidents. The short-term injuries include cuts and scrapes that result from shattered glass, while long-term injuries include broken legs, broken necks, internal bleeding, or even head trauma.

Some injuries are undetectable after the car crash, and their signs start showing a few weeks or days later. Such injuries like internal bleeding might harm the person. These injuries might impact life negatively as some of the affected have to stay at home and nurse their wounds. As a result, the affected lose their jobs, become financially unstable, and get depressed.

When you get injured in a car accident, most people have an insurance policy in place for their health and vehicle. When the accident happens, you need to hire a good car accident injury lawyer you can click here, who can help you claim for recovery. By doing so, your car accident injury lawyer is supposed to help you get compensated by the Insurance company to get your life back to normal.

Below are the most common types of car accident injuries and how to avoid them:

  • Scrapes and Cuts


You may incur cuts from the impact of a crash either by your vehicle or the other vehicle involved. This type of injury can be due to objects flying in the car during the accident or shattered window glasses.

  • Head Injuries

This kind of injury can last for a lifetime. In most cases, head injuries are accidentally not detected immediately, and the person may need a deliberate treatment plan to avoid any future complications. Head injuries can lead to long-term problems such as lack of sleep, headaches. At times the brain stops functioning causing memory loss in some victims.

  • Broken Bones


A car accident causes an unnatural amount of force on a person’s body which at times is more than your bones can handle. Broken bones are most common in car accidents either through the ribs, knees, legs, or hands. Injuries such as broken ribs can take a long time to heal as they require lots of rest.

  • Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be very dangerous if not treated as soon as the car crash happened. There are times when internal bleeding is not detected earlier, and the victim suffers in the long run. It’s not surprising to have internal bleeding during a car crash though it’s best if the bleeding is detected early and treated as soon as possible.

  • Herniated Disc


It occurs when one or more vertebrae in your spine rupture or shift. It can cause complications such as excessive back pains, and just like broken bones, you are also likely to suffer a herniated disc.

  • Knee Trauma

In a sudden car crash, your knee might hit the dashboard before you have time to react to the car crash, and this can cause pain in your kneecap. Knee injuries are painful and can cause difficulty in walking. In most cases, surgery has to be performed to rebuild the knee that is at times very complicated.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Not all car accidents can cause physical injuries since some victims are likely to suffer from mental and emotional injuries. Things that used to be a day-to-day routine for you might now become impossible. A person involved in a car accident might suffer from the fear of driving to avoid getting into another accident. Most people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to traffic road accidents tend to not want to get into a vehicle ever again. It might take them a while to recover. In such cases, professional help needs to be sought to help in the healing process.


There are various ways in which accidents can be avoided in the future. You may not control everyone else on the road, but you can control yourself. Always wear a seat belt when driving. It sure does save lives. The driver needs to make sure that their vehicle is in good working condition. If your car has been having problems, it is advisable to take it for service instead of assuming the problem. It will reduce any risks of traffic road accidents.


There is also a reason why roads have speed limits. Most car accidents are caused by over-speeding drivers, and the impact is more dangerous than if the driver obeyed the speed limit. Therefore, each driver should observe and obey the speed limits to save lives.

All drivers should be careful while driving, do not be distracted while driving because 9/10 drivers use their phones while driving. This limits the attention needed on the road, and it puts the driver and other road users at a high risk of traffic road accidents. If the driver must use their phone, they can try using a Bluetooth headset or decide to pull up on the side of the road.



Another way of reducing traffic road accidents is by drinking and driving responsibly. Most accidents happen when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. Drink responsibly or take a taxi. You can also have a designated driver who has not been drinking.

For persons involved in traffic road accidents, they can seek medical attention because there are times when injuries take time to show and one might think that they are not seriously hurt without realizing it. It might also help you document your injuries to build a case of recovery if you had an insurance policy on your health or even your vehicle.

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