List Of Useful Everyday Life Technology Hacks in 2024

It can be easy to get lost in a world full of technology and not know how to find your way out again. Knowing a few hacks can help you conquer some of the recurring problems and navigate your way around much faster.

Times are changing, and technology is ever changing and continually evolving. To keep up with it all, it is a great idea to start with the basics and learn some tips and tricks for your everyday use. Some of these hacks will make your life so much easier and make you question why you had never heard of them before. You will be able to access faster WiFi, create shortcuts and do things you didn’t know were even an option.

Visit here and read on to check out our top useful hacks for when you are using your technology daily.

Improving your WIFi signal


One thing that a lot of people do not know is that you can and should, update your router. The difficulty level in upgrading it solely depends on your device’s model and manufacturer.

Most routers nowadays have the update process built into the interface, so all that you need to do is press the firmware upgrade button, and allow the machine to do what it needs to do. However, in older models, they require you to manually visit the manufacturers website, then go to your routers support page, download the required firmware file that is available and then upload it to your own router’s interface. It sounds like a lot of work to do but is in fact very simple and straightforward.

Another WIFI hack that you could love is downloading a WiFi analysing application will help you to diagnose any issues with your connection to the internet. Sometimes neighbouring routers can interfere with your connection, and this app will help scan for frequencies and recommend any changes you should make to your system. It will notify you of the best channels to use to avoid any overlapping of networks and help you achieve a faster WiFi connection.

Find ‘Nearby’ Wikipedia pages

If you are curious about an area you are staying in or the neighbourhood where you grew up. Wikipedia has a handy ‘Nearby’ tool that will help you to find different information pages about whichever area you are staying in at the time. All you have to do is give the site permission to use your location, and then the site will list various articles based on the vicinity of your home. There is even a compass arrow that will appear and point to the direction for each location and will update as you move around.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This hack is more fun than anything. You will be able to show them all off to others and act as a computer genius next time you are at work. When watching a YouTube video, instead of left-clicking or using the spacebar, click on K to pause your video. Some other shortcut keys include pressing J to rewind 10 seconds, L to fast-forward, F to open up full-screen, M to mute and simply pressing the up and down buttons to control the volume.

When writing any message, essay or email, pressing CTRL+B to mark words or headings as Bold, CTRL+I for Italics and CTRL+U for Underline should make anyone feel efficient in whatever it is that they are typing out.

There are lists of keyboard shortcuts you can find online, they’re so easy to learn, you’ll be able to train your muscle memory soon enough to automatically use them whenever possible!

Use emoji on desktops

Emojis are not just for mobile phones. You can access them on your desktop too. On a Mac, you simply press control+command+spacebar to get the emoji menu, but on a PC you will need to have the latest Chrome version, which has an emoji menu. All you have to do is right-click and clock on “Emoji” to access the menu of emojis.

Help with spelling and grammar


If you struggle with writing online, Grammarly is a nifty hack for you. The software will provide you with tools and tips to improve your grammar, spelling and sentence structure when typing on the web. You can double-click on a word for synonyms or suggestions. It’s completely free (but you can upgrade to a professional level) and effortless to access when you are working online.

Checking for data breaches

This privacy tip will help you prevent any data breaches. By using the website, you will be able to monitor your email addresses and figure out if any have been compromised. It will also alert you if scammers are using your email address to hack into other accounts. The best thing to do would be to change your passwords as soon as possible. This one is a no-brainer!

Reopening a closed tab


Reopening a closed tab happens all the time, so a simple hack is perfect for avoiding the issue. If you’ve accidentally closed a tab, re-open it by pressing command + shift + t on a Mac and control + shift + t on Windows PC. This genius hack works multiple times so you can open all the tabs you’ve closed recently.
After all this screen time, you need an early night – try Sleepytime.

Go to bed at the ideal time

If you struggle to cut yourself off from technology and find you’re losing sleep at night because of it, ‘Sleepytime’ is an excellent website for calculating when you need to be going to bed and when you should wake up to achieve the best sleep possible. It will figure out your sleep cycle for you and help you feel more alert and refreshed when going about your daily tasks.

Some of these hacks are a no-brainer for anyone using technology and should become common knowledge to all. You’ll avoid hacking incidents and work more efficiently online when completing tasks and projects on a day-to-day basis.

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