Why Vegan CBD Products Are The Hottest Trend In 2024

Over the past few years, it’s easy to see that the cannabidiol (CBD) market has grown substantially, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone talks about CBD products. Fitness enthusiasts, health experts, and, now, CBD has caught the attention of even vegans. While you may not be a vegan yourself, vegan CBD products have become quite a sensation in the market. It’s only natural to wonder if vegan CBD products are, indeed, as great as everyone says.

On that note, this guide will show you why vegan CBD products are as popular as they are now, and why you might want to consider getting these products as well.

1. Veganism Has Become More Prevalent Than Ever

Perhaps, the most viable reason why vegan CBD products are the hottest trend in 2024 is that people are now more conscious of what they put into their body more than ever. As such, they tend to adopt all kinds of diets, one of which is veganism.

As a result, veganism has grown in popularity, and it shows no sign of stopping. For your reference, compared to five years ago, veganism is now twice as popular, especially in light of the growing health concerns of the public. Take yourself, for example. If it weren’t for your interest in veganism, you wouldn’t be here in this guide. If you want to take it further, you can click here to learn more about vegan CBD products.

2. Vegan CBD Products Are Non-Psychoactive

Most cannabidiol products have low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. It’s the component of marijuana products responsible for the ‘high’ feeling you get when you ingest cannabidiol.

Usually, the CBD:THC ratio is around 10:1, with CBD as the more dominant ingredient. This is to avoid the high effect that’s often difficult to manage. While a higher CBD ratio is required, you can’t take away the fact that CBD products still contain THC, even if just a little bit. Hence, it can still make the consumer high.

What makes vegan CBD products unique is that they have an extremely skewed CBD: THC ratio, which is often around 20:1. Because of this, they’re less psychoactive than your typical CBD products. But, that would also mean a bad thing if you’re more into the psychoactive effects of CBD rather than its practical benefits. Speaking of which, another reason why vegan CBD products are trending right now is because of their more pronounced health benefits.

3. They’re Perfect For Vegan Athletes


One of the most popular products among athletes is supplements. These provide them with the nutrients they need and other benefits, such as pain relief and muscle recovery. Typically, an athlete would look for protein supplements, but, unfortunately, most supplements nowadays contain animal products, such as whey protein.
Naturally, it would be pretty challenging for vegan athletes to look for supplements without compromising their principles. With that said, vegan CBD products are great alternatives for athletes because these may provide similar benefits as the usual supplements, while still being vegan products.

Here are some examples of the said benefits:

  • Pain Relief: Athletes often suffer from all kinds of pains after their workout routines and games. Thus, they need regular pain relief. Much like protein supplements and prescriptions, one of the main potential effects of CBD products is pain relief, and you may be able to enjoy this benefit from their vegan version as well.
  • Endurance Boost: Endurance is something every athlete will need to make it through the day. Like supplements, vegan CBD products may also serve as an endurance booster. They may reduce inflammation throughout the body, which can help reduce fatigue after intense workouts.
  • Muscle Regeneration: Although researchers haven’t established it yet, there’s a big chance that vegan CBD products may boost muscle regeneration and protein synthesis—two characteristics that are equally important to athletes.

Vegan athletes aren’t the only ones conflicted with what products they should use. If you’re into skincare, you should know very well how tricky it can be to find beauty products that don’t use animal byproducts, but that’s also something vegan CBD products may be able to take care of.

4. Vegan Approach To Skincare

Usually, when you buy a skincare product, you’ll find one or more of the ingredients to be an animal byproduct. For example, they might be using beeswax, lanolin, collagen, keratin, or honey. Regardless, if you’re a vegan, these ingredients are a no-no since they go against your principle. However, vegan CBD skincare products don’t contain any of these ingredients. As the name suggests, there are no animal byproduct ingredients since they’re primarily plant-based.

Furthermore, it’s a known fact that plant-based skincare products are better for your skin, so not only will vegan CBD skincare products be more suitable for vegans, but they can also potentially lead to better effects than non-vegan skincare products. Besides, most CBD products may have anti-inflammatory effects, so CBD could be the perfect ingredient for skincare products, especially if you’re suffering from skin-related inflammation disorders.

5. Perfect Companion For Meditation


Meditation has many perks. It helps you relax, boosts your discipline, and many more. As such, many people have tried meditation, and vegans are no exception. Eating vegan and meditation simply make for a great combination, and the latter is often part of a vegan’s routine. One thing that makes vegan CBD products worth your while is that they’re the perfect companion for meditation, and for many reasons, such as:

  • May Fight Anxiety: Meditation is often practiced by those suffering from mental issues, one of which is anxiety. What makes vegan CBD products great is that they may help you fight anxiety, making them great products to incorporate into meditation.
  • May Help With Depression: Vegan CBD products may also serve as anti-depressant to individuals as they’re believed to boost serotonin levels inside a person’s brain, which, in turn, may minimize depression levels.
  • May Have A Calming Effect: Meditation can also become a great way to improve your sleep. The same goes for vegan CBD products. A study shows that cannabidiol may have correlation to sleep, and when ingested, may be able to support better sleep by reducing cortisol levels, which affects a person’s ability to sleep.

Wrapping Up

Researchers suggest that vegan or plant-based CBD products have a lower chance of showing side effects because they’re more organic. Naturally, those who are pretty skeptical about CBD products will opt for a safer option, making vegan CBD products a lot more popular than their regular counterpart.

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