Waking Up From Awakening

For those of us who are currently experiencing the awakening of consciousness taking place on this planet right now, there are many rabbit holes we can fall down that lead us to believe we are fully conscious and awake when we are really waking up out of one layer of the world dream at a time. No two paths are the same even though there are world issues that affect us as a collective.

Any plateau we become attached to on our awakening journey can create a sort of dogma within us that acts as a repellent to higher states of consciousness, because we may already believe we are at the pinnacle of being “awake.” So, one of the most challenging trails in the awakening process is being able to cultivate a quality of fluidness so as to not become static in our ever-expanding worldview.


We can take a cue from Mother Nature on how to lean into this one. When it comes to healthy sources of water in nature, rushing water is the cleanest source to drink from because it is full of vitality and momentum. This movement is what purifies the water whereas stagnant water from a pond has built up bacteria from its lack of circulation. So too are our egos when we become energetically stuck to our belief systems.

Beliefs can harden us and sometimes even defeat the ultimate purpose of the belief by how dogmatically we identify with them. Everyone has their gifts and talents to bring forth for the whole. We are all called to the areas where we can best contribute to the holistic mandala of life that we are co-creating. However, we lose our own range of motion when we get stuck in tunnel vision and let our beliefs create a fortress against a new layer of reality that is reaching out to us. Sometimes righteous indignation against the system can bleed into obsession, and we become spiritually exhausted in this manner.

Whatever teachings and information we resonate with now may only be the building of the foundation for larger revelations that are to come.

Just like an empowering belief on one stretch of the journey may become a limiting belief holding back our expansion on another stretch of the journey. Our vantage point shifts, as we are willing to reflect and take inventory of the beliefs that we have outgrown and have become limiting.


We are all in different layers of the world dream and the mind tricks itself into thinking it already surrendered the ego as a last-ditch effort to avoid another round of surrender. It is afraid of losing its identity because identity equals security. At the heart of the matter, we fear the death of our worldview. The ego isn’t horrible, it’s just attached to what it feels is safe and our beliefs are our safety regardless of whether they are pleasant or not. From a compassionate perspective, the ego is just scared and is fighting to keep its “home.”

When we go through the process of connecting our consciousness with our heart we see that every leg of the journey is valid and honored as a part of our growth without needing to demean where we came from or currently reside. We can see how each experience that led us up to this point was cultivating our highest evolution and as a natural byproduct of this grace that we give ourselves, we can offer that same understanding to others wherever they may be on their own journey.

That said, it is important to trust that whatever new horizon needs to come our way will find a way to do so and that our part is to remain open and fluid when the time comes for us to climb to the next plateau, but that we also need not force new revelations. The harmonious recognition of “becoming” and “being” as equal parts of “to be” is the magic to enjoying the three.

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