Four Odd Ways To Make Extra Money

Looking to pick up a few extra bucks? Willing to hustle a bit to get it? Great, I have got some interesting ways to pick up that money you are looking for. Take a look at four unusual but sure-fire ways to make extra money right now.

One: Recycle Your Way To Wealth


Well, maybe not wealth, but you can surely pick up several hundred dollars recycling metal on a weekend. Want to know how?

When we say recycling, you likely start thinking about those pesky little aluminum cans. Just how many aluminum cans are you going to have to pick up to make any real money? None, we are going to aim higher.

The real money is in large pieces of scrap. Steel, brass, copper, and more. This stuff is big, plentiful, and heavy. When you consider that scrap can sell for up to 30 cents a pound at recycling centers, there is great potential to earn. So, where do you find it?

The great part about recycling is that people are just throwing this stuff out in the trash. All that you need to do is drive around, pick it up and cash in. Want to get even more ambitious, place a Craigslist ad for free metal removal or just look in the “free stuff” section.

So, what is the bottom line here? How much can you make? When you consider the weight of these items it is not unrealistic to think that you could pick up hundreds of pounds of metal on a Saturday morning. A used water heater alone weighs fifty pounds. So, if you put some hustle into it, $100 to $200 is surely attainable.

Two: Become A Craigslist Flipper


This is a genius little idea, but it will take some hustle for sure. To be honest, we got this idea from this website, and it seemed like such a great way to make some extra cash. You have likely heard the expression, buy low and sell high, right? That is exactly what you will be doing.

Go on to Craigslist and start shopping for great deals. Ideally, you should be shopping in a category that you are familiar with. For this to work, you must be able to spot the items that are drastically underpriced, so stick with what you know.

Once you spot an item, go snap it up as quickly as you can. If something is priced well, it will sell fast, so do not even bother shopping unless you are prepared to jump.

Your next step is to simply re-list the item on another classified website. You could re-list it on Craigslist, but you might just get an angry seller mad that you are reselling their stuff. It would be better to re-list your item on a website like Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has a top-notch messaging system as well, so it makes selling easier.

So, how much could you make with this method? It depends on you and how much you want to hustle. A few hundred dollars a month is certainly within the realm of possibilities.

Three: Donate Your Bodily Fluids


Okay, that sounds gross, but this is an easy way to make some real money. If you want to earn money while doing a good thing, donating plasma is for you. As a new donor, you can earn up to $1000 in your first month. Sounds too good to be true? It really works.

First, make an appointment with a company like BioLife above. It has to be an actual money-making company, it cannot be with a charity like the Red Cross. The Red Cross does great work, but they will not pay you. Once you have your appointment, just show up on time and properly hydrate.

The donation process is simple, as long as you are okay with a needle. If not, just look away while they give you a little poke. When you give plasma, the center will draw your blood, extract the plasma and then return the rest to you. Since you are not losing any red blood cells, you do not have that lightheaded feeling.

The return of your red blood cells also means that you can donate more often, up to twice a week. Plasma is made of mostly water and a few proteins, so your body will replenish it in a matter of days.

Now for the money. As a new donor, you can make up to $1000 your first month with bonuses. Beyond that, most people make $400 to $500 a month to donate. That is a nice steady income that also allows you to do a good thing.

Four: Do Side Gigs While You Are Out


While you are out and about, why not earn a little extra money. Believe it or not, companies are ready to pay you for side gigs that you can do while you window-shop or go about your chores. Sounds interesting?

Check out Gigwalk. Gigwalk can match you with companies that need you to perform tasks. All that you must do to get started is download the app, available on android or IOS. Then, get matched to gigs near you and choose the ones that you want to do. But what are these gigs?

Many of the gigs are secret shopper-type jobs. It might be checking local prices or making sure a display has been set up correctly. It is cheaper for these companies to pay you a few bucks to do these things than it is to send an employee out. And, since you will be in the area anyway, it is almost free money for you.

As far as the money goes, your gig can pay you anywhere from $3 to $100, but realistically, most of these gigs will pay on the lower side. Still, most gigs will only take a few minutes, so it is a great money-earning opportunity.

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