How To Wear leggings In 6 Modern Ways

As early 2000s fashion is making a big comeback, it’s no wonder leggings are back! Sleek, versatile, and comfortable – it’s a piece everyone can (and should) wear!

Now, even though leggings have been a part of our closets for years, sometimes it’s difficult to determine how to wear them effectively. Are they considered pants? Is it okay to wear them with nothing to cover your bum?
We answer all of your leggings-related questions down below, so keep on reading to learn the secrets of wearing them in 2024!

Go for a sporty look.


While you don’t always need to look like you’ve just got out of the gym when wearing leggings, sometimes going for a sporty look simply makes the most sense! Leggings and sporty sneakers can look extremely fashionable, especially if paired with a cute jacket.

Now, one of the biggest advantages of wearing leggings is the way they accentuate your body, so try not to hide your assets! It’s 2024, so there’s no need to feel like something is off-limits fashion-wise.

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Leggings are the perfect clothing piece for those days you just want to feel comfortable and sexy. They look extremely good in laid-back, sporty styles, so don’t hesitate to them out, even if it’s not something you’d usually wear.

Leather jackets.


Every girl needs a quality leather jacket in her closet – it’s just facts! They go beautifully with almost anything, leggings included!

According to TheTrendSpotter, classic leather jacket and colorful leggings can bring out the rockstar in you, especially if you choose a wild pattern. We like the metallic finishes the most, but it’s all up to you! Even those plain old leggings that have been lying forgotten in your closet can be styled into something fashionable – all you need is a quality leather jacket.
Now, for all of you vegans out there, no, it doesn’t have to be real leather to be effective. Faux leather can look even better, even though it’s cheaper, more sustainable, and cruelty-free, so we encourage you to go for it whenever you can!

No need to hide your body.

We used to wear leggings under our dresses and oversized tees, as they were often too thin and revealing to be worn as pants. Today, however, things are completely different. You can even find winter-proof leggings that will keep you warm while accentuating your figure! There’s no need to hide your curves anymore – in 2024 showing your assets is highly encouraged.

Of course, we’re not saying you should wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable just because it’s „fashionable“. The important thing about your outfit (no matter whether it features leggings or not) is how confident you feel wearing it! We believe everyone is beautiful, and you should feel confident wearing whatever you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment either. Fashion is all about creativity and expressing yourself – never forget that!

Match your tones.

If you prefer to go for minimalistic, off-the-runaway styles this season, we’re with you! Matching tones are all the rage right now, so your leggings can look beautiful if matched with a blazer and sneakers of the same color.
Whatever you do, though, let comfort be your number one priority. Don’t go for the cheapest possible option when browsing for leggings, as they’ll lose their elasticity and color pretty quickly. In fact, we recommend going for brands that specialize in sportswear – you’re guaranteed to find something of quality on there.

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Again, outfits in a singular tone can look extremely sleek and fashionable, so don’t forget to try this style with your leggings as well. It’s something that’s worked really well ever since the piece was introduced to the fashion world, so we believe it will look amazing on you too!

Knitted sweaters and jumpers for some extra comfort.


The cutest, coziest, look you can achieve wearing leggings is certainly the knitted jumper combo. It doesn’t only look extremely sweet and cozy, it’s actually extremely comfortable. Add a pair of colorful boots or dr. Martens, and you’ve got yourself a fit!

This especially goes if oversized clothing is your go-to this winter. We do recommend going for bold colors and patterns with your oversized sweater, just to make your outfit a bit more exciting.

Again, leggings are originally a piece of sportswear. Comfort and ease of movement are guaranteed when you’re wearing them, so why wouldn’t you take an extra step and create the most comfortable outfit in the world by adding a warm jumper on top of it?

Don’t be afraid to go formal.

Leggings are worn in formal settings now? What kind of sorcery is this!? Well, with the right combination, it’s more than possible nowadays! Tuxedo jackets and the right accessories make it so. We advise you to look for inspiration online, as this is not the easiest look to pull off. But once you see it in action, it will all make perfect sense – you’ll never want to go back to jeans ever again!

If you’re not a very big risk-taker, and you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing leggings at formal events, just try some jeggings! Yes, there was a time when jeggings were something every fashionista hated with a burning passion, but 2024s fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel good! If you try on some jeggings and feel ready to take on the world, who are we (or anyone else) to stop you?

The bottom line

Wearing leggings and staying fashionable in 2024 is all about accessorizing properly, and well, choosing the right type of leggings. Luckily, there’s such a wide range of options available today, we’re certain you’ll find something that fits your personal style pretty quickly. If you’re still afraid to try this incredible piece of clothing in your daily outfits, we advise you to look for fashion inspiration online – you’ll quickly change your mind.

We hope you’ve found our article to be useful and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

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