How to know what strength CBD oil to get – 2024 Guide

CBD oil has been gaining immense popularity in the medical market for the various health benefits it provides. Extracted from the leaves of marijuana plants, the CBD oil contains a lot of features that come with marijuana plants without the intoxication. Yes, you heard it right – CBD oil does not get you ‘high’ or ‘intoxicate’ you even after being made from marijuana plants. This is because from the two constituents present in the marijuana plant, which are CBD and THC, the extract is only made from CBD.

THC is the actual culprit that gets everyone high and the reason marijuana has such a bad reputation around the world as a drug. According to maincore.ch, CBD oil comes with various benefits for our body. A daily appliance of CBD oil can result in a healthy well-being and fitness. They are also great to be used as painkillers. They can alleviate and reduce pain considerably and help many people cope with it. They are also known to reduce anxiety which is why many schizophrenic patients are getting prescribed CBD oil in their psychological prescriptions.

All of this makes CBD oil a very lucrative option for anyone that wants to maintain their fitness and health and is looking for new ways to do so. You shouldn’t be too worried either because CBD oil is legal in various countries and states because it’s not directly made from marijuana but instead from it’s seeds.

What is CBD oil strength?

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All that being said, there is one caveat to using CBD oil that everyone should be aware of – they have varying potencies. There is no universal CBD oil with the perfect amount of CBD in it, instead there are various strengths for different bottles. These strengths range from low to ultra-high and have an increasing amount of CBD concentration in each level. Understanding the strength that is appropriate for your body is one of the necessary things that you must do if you are even considering using CBD oil.

Many prescriptionists and doctors wouldn’t handle medium or high potency CBD oils unless you have some real issues. These contain large amounts of CBD in mg per ml solution. Most average people are instead assigned low potency CBD oil which is more user-friendly and accessible to use. Almost every doctor strongly recommends that you try the lower leveled CBD oil first and then adjust the concentration according to your own preference. But you might be confused, what does that do? Why are there different levels of strengths in CBD oils? We answer all of the questions below.

The time to use low potency CBD oil (10mg CBD for 1 ml oil).

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This is the least concentrated CBD oil and often the cheapest. This oil is applied or consumed when you want to improve your lifestyle naturally. Low strength CBD oil provides an opportunity to do exactly that. Everyone who starts using CBD oil is universally recommended by everyone to use the lower potency ones first. This is because your body’s biology and chemistry (also known as biochemistry) can be adversely affected by high usage of marijuana.

Using high amounts of marijuana at once in a body that has not been accustomed to it gradually, can have enormously adverse effects on your body. Additionally, it can also have adverse psychological effects since CBD oil targets your brain as well. That’s why it’s important to use low potency CBD oils to get used to it first. Once your body starts showing positive effects, it means it’s getting used to CBD. In such a case, if you are requiring excess amounts of low strength CBD oils, you can consider moving up to…

Medium or average potency CBD oils – the golden standard for many people (20 mg for 1 ml oil).

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Medium strength CBD oil has just the right amount of CBD concentration for many people that are used to using the oil. The reason being that most people who use the oil actually need it to reduce mild pain, anxiety and stress that they face in their everyday life. Medium strength CBD oil provides the perfect composition for these people. Any more and they might suffer from overdosage and any less and they might go through too many low potency bottles for it to be a viable option.

A medium strength CBD oil has double the concentration of an average low potency CBD oil which means that the usage would also be effectively halved. Thus, you would be saving out by using medium strength CBD oil instead of low potency oil. If you are looking for a remedy from milder forms of anxiety and stress then medium strength CBD oils can help you a lot. They are also often assigned by medical professionals for headaches.

High-strength CBD oil to relieve large amounts of pain and anxiety (Approximately 30 mg CBD for 1 ml oil).

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High strength or high potency CBD oil is an oil that you’ll rarely see prescribed or used. This is because out of all the CBD strengths, the high-strength CBD oil is one of the most concentrated and strong CBD oil there is. It is only used with a doctor’s prescription. Under no circumstances should you try it out for yourself otherwise there might be several adverse effects that might occur.

This oil is used for people who are in constant pain, go through extensive anxiety and have large amounts of stress daily. It helps them calm down and reduces the pain to a considerable extent. If neither the low-strength and medium-strength CBD oil work, marijuana doctors are known to assign this oil as the one to use. High-strength CBD oil can be extremely useful for you provided that you have a really severe condition or physical effects. This oil is also used for patients with insomnia to induce sleep and people who have constant migraine.


There are several strengths of CBD oils and understanding the one which you should get is no easy task. We hope this article helped you with that, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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