3 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Ordering Seafoods Online

There are many advantages to buying seafood online. To begin with, eating more seafood has a long list of health benefits. However, many families find that buying high-quality fish in the supermarket is prohibitively expensive. Getting fish online is both affordable and convenient. In addition, ordering fish online from a reputable company ensures support of sustainable fishing practices.

1. Health Benefits of Fish

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It’s no secret that seafood comes packed with nutrients that are great for the human body. For example, fish is a satisfying source of protein. However, the type of fish you choose can make a big difference in nutritional benefits. A diet that includes salmon contributes to a healthy lifestyle. For starters, it has a much higher protein content than other sources – up to 26g of protein per 4oz serving. Higher protein diets are linked with increased and longer levels of satiety, meaning you’re likely to feel fuller for longer, which can help with weight loss.

Salmon and other fish are helpful in boosting your immune system. That is because of the higher omega-3 content found in these foods. Incorporating two or more servings of salmon into your meals each week is also linked to a reduced risk of chronic illnesses such as stroke or cardiac disease.

Finally, according to the US National Library of Medicine, increased consumption of salmon and other seafood is linked with improved brain function and reduction in mental health conditions like depression. Eating a diet with more salmon and other fish has been linked to a reduced risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and other long-term brain diseases.

2. Sustainability

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Salmon and other seafood sold in grocery stores is typically farmed-raised outside of the US and imported into the country. That often leads to sustainability issues.

Catching large amounts of seafood is beneficial to fishermen, but this behavior leads to overfishing. That has a long-term impact on fish populations, which can threaten the livelihoods of those in the fishing industry. If overfishing occurs, it can take years for fish populations to recover. Real-world situations have already occurred – for example, the Chilean Seabass, which is still recovering from decades of overfishing.

Another sustainability issue is pollution and environmental toxins found in certain types of seafood. Studies published in 2004 and 2005 showed that farmed salmon had much higher concentrations of contaminants. While these contaminants don’t outweigh the health benefits of omega-3, they bring up significant health concerns.

Consuming contaminated fish is not recommended by the US Environment Protection Agency. The best way to know whether your seafood is from an area with a high concentration of contaminants is to buy online. That makes it possible to track the origin of the fish you put on your plate.

Finally, sustainability, or lack thereof, has been linked to increases in the price of seafood observed in recent years. Overfishing, coupled with an increase in demand, has led to a reduction in supply. That naturally drives the price of fish up. However, when fish are caught through sustainable methods, populations are likely to recover quickly. That means a reduction in the likelihood of future price spikes.

Buying seafood online resolves a lot of these issues because you have the information you need to make environmentally conscious decisions.

3. Affordability

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According to CNBC, 40% of Americans can’t afford an unplanned expense of $400 without credit. That means affordability is a big factor in food choices. That’s a big reason to order seafood online. You can purchase sustainably produced fish at an affordable price, and it is delivered directly to your home.

With the price of seafood constantly increasing, ordering fish online is a great way to save money. Ordering seafood online cuts out the grocery store’s role as a middleman, making it an effective method of purchasing fish at lower rates. You will notice that some online seafood retailers pass the volume discounts on to their clients, meaning the customer can get great seafood at much lower prices than they would at a brick-and-mortar store.

Some online seafood retailers, offer a subscription service. That gives you the convenience of regular shipments of fish delivered to your front door each month. You enjoy all the benefits of ordering seafood online, including convenience, variety, and confidence in the quality that subscription services provide their customers.


There are many benefits to buying seafood online. Seafood is a great way to add more nutrients to your diet for better health. Fish is a substantial source of protein, which is great for weight loss. Eating a diet with more seafood also brings important health benefits like a stronger immune system and a lower risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Ordering fish online makes it easier to support sustainable fishing because it is easier to track how and where the seafood was produced. Finally, there are cost savings that come with ordering fish online, especially if using a delivery service. That is great for reducing grocery spend without compromising on quality.

Get started with ordering seafood online through the WildAlaskanCompany. You can enroll in a subscription service that delivers fresh fish each month. Options include wild white fish, wild salmon, or a wild combo box that includes a variety of seafood. The fish in your box is wild-caught using sustainable practices, and quality is unparalleled. Best of all, you get all this at a price that fits your grocery budget.

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