12 Amazing Wolf Puns & Jokes You Can Text to Friends

We live in a time when memes and puns are shared through social media, and they gain huge popularity among the people who want to joke. As you already know from the biology classes, wolves are members of the dog’s family, according to the systematization, but they are also known as the villains from the stories. For example, the girl known as Red Riding Hood was tricked by the Wolf, who took the role of her grandmother. In popular culture, wolves and werewolves are pretty recognizable, and they are a symbol of a greedy and fierce person, who has a nature of a predator, but a human appearance. On the other hand, in many stories, they are considered as characters who only want to eat and cause damage. And yes, they are wild animals, and they can eat the weaker ones without even thinking twice because their goal is to survive in the wilderness. But, sometimes, these animals can make some bad or even funny decisions, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are dangerous in nature.

There are a few pop-culture definitions like it’s a person who is taking extreme steps to get what they want, or real-life predators in a sexual meaning, or people who eat a lot, but they don’t gain weight. Knowing all these things, and with help from WOLF JOKES, we can provide some examples of the best puns related to it, and yes, you can be creative by yourself too. When combined with pictures and meme typography, they can be even funnier. So, if the wolf is the spirit animal of your group of friends, you can say “Howl” instead of “Hi” in your group message.


But, what to say in Mondays, when you all prepare for studying or work?

1. “My favorite day of the week is Moonday!”

Do you get it?

And what do you have for breakfast? Waffels. See where we are going?

2. “Can I order wolfles with chocolate and strawberries?”

Also, it may happen that the person who works at the waffle place is not into these jokes, so you can save them for the friends, and simply tell them:

3. “Going to the wolfle’s place, anyone wants to join?”

For that friend who wants to read a lot, you can ask them:

4. “Is Virginia Wolf your favorite writer?”, or:
5. “You really like The Call of the Wild, right”, which doesn’t have a wolf in the title, but we all know about the storyline in the book.

For the friend that swears a lot, you can say:

6. “Watch your language, you swearwolf!”

If someone says something funny, you can always say they are “howlarious”. Halloween can easily be turned to “Howloween” too. If some of your friends get lost somewhere, or they are into climbing and hiking, you can call them “Where-wolfs”.

For the friend that follows all the news, and it’s always informed about everything, you can name them “aware-wolf” or “Mister know-it-howl”. Isn’t that howlarious? Do you love fairytales? Snow White, Cinderella, or maybe the Red Riding Hood? What about the Sleeping Beauty? Do you know what are they? Furry tales!
Also, let’s list some interesting puns and jokes, that can leave all of you, you guess, howling:

7. “The wolf really needed to talk with the skeleton because he had a bone to pick with him.”
8. “What are two things a werewolf doesn’t eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner.”
9. “After his teeth were cleaned, the werewolf ate the dentist.”

You can get creative as much as you want. Once you get inspired, there is nothing that can stop you from inventing new puns. You can also copy some of the popular puns that already exist all around the Internet, but they will surely inspire you to make your own jokes, that will be unique, and always have your friends laugh, even when their day is bad.

But, these puns provide another benefit we can barely see. While telling those sentences, or looking for facts that you can use to create a pun by yourself, you are learning a lot about these animals. Probably you won’t meet any wolf in your life if you don’t go hiking in the wilderness. But if you do, jokes won’t save you from getting attacked – but the facts you learned while sharing these jokes with your friends can be really helpful to protect yourself as much as you can.

The wolves in folklore and mythology


As you can see, these animals are very meaningful for the cultures and traditions all around the world. There are many proverbs related to them, like “He/she turned into a wolf”, to describe someone who got very angry. Also, “The wolf’s neck is the weakest” for someone who is very loud and wants to argue and attack but doesn’t see the danger from the other people coming. In ancient mythology, we meet with the She-wolf, the female animal who fed Romulus and Remus in ancient Rome. In some countries, the translation of the word can be name or surname. Sometimes, powerful people take it to ensure they are protected from bad luck, as many cultures consider it as a powerful and strong animal.

On the other hand, we had the fairytales, where they are described as bad characters, that want to steal food, eat people, alive, ruin houses, or eat seven lambs at once. Different cultures have different approaches with the symbols, but one thing is for sure – the popular culture brings a lot of jokes and puns related to the wolves.

We will end this article with a few more jokes:

10. “How do you call a wolf who wants to wear trendy clothes? A wear-wolf”
11. “What is a group of wolves with weapons and military clothes? An army named Fureign Legion”
12. “You do you name an orchestra of wolves? A Wolf-gang”

They are hilarious, right? Sorry, we meant howlarious!

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