5 Best WordPress Design and Development Books For Beginners in 2024

WordPress is the most famous CMS for website development on the planet. The latest statistics show about 40 percent of all the sites online are powered by this platform, and more than 2 million domains are registered every year. Every month more than 3 million people are researching the WordPress keyword, and the fact that is available in just south of 200 languages makes it the most used and most popular platform.

Web developers love this platform because it allows them to be creative, and to explore new possibilities, and if you are thinking to learn more about the platform’s design and development, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to give you more information about the best WP books and how they can help you develop your design and creation skills. Note that most of the publications on this list are great for people with little to no knowledge, but you will definitely benefit more if you already have some basic skills.

1. WP All-in-One For Dummies


As the name of this book suggests, this is the work you should read if you don’t have any prior knowledge of how WP works and what you can do with it. It is said to be one of the most popular books on the market because it will help you get into the basics of the platform, and it can teach you a lot of things that you won’t be able to find on your own with ease.

It is also great for those who are already using the platform, but they want to get a deeper knowledge and learn everything they’ve missed. Users say that the best thing about this publication is the tone in which it’s written, and it will help you learn things while you smile and laugh. It is definitely something that will bore you and you won’t even notice how fast you are gaining new skills.

2. Professional WP: Design and Development


If you already have some knowledge about the design and the development of this platform, and you want to learn new things with ease, then this is the right publication for you. One of the main things why users choose it it’s because it discusses the latest tools and features the platform offers, and you can be up to date with everything that’s going on.

This book contains screenshots of every part, so you can easily understand where everything is located and how you can use it. It is more than just text, and you don’t have to have the platform open on your computer to see where the features are. You can also learn more about the best websites that are made on this platform, and how you can achieve a similar look and popularity by expanding your knowledge.

3. Professional WP Plugin Development


This work will teach you everything you need to know about themes and plugins. With it, you can learn why it is so important for both the developers and the users to have these plugins, how they function, and what you can do with it. It will also help you explore your creative side, and think like a customer as well, not just as a developer.

The reason why many people choose it is that you will be introduced to the whole process by using real-life examples, and they will help you get a better understanding. Note that this is not the right book if you are a beginner, and you need at least some kind of previous knowledge and experience if you want to get the best out of it. Obviously, the easiest way for you would be to hire experts from the company

4. Building Web Apps with WP


Another publication that is not for beginners, but if you have previous knowledge of the platform you will definitely benefit a lot from this work. It is said that with this book you will learn more about this platform and understand why almost every website you come across is using it. If you want to create something unique, and if you know what you are missing in your skills, then we definitely recommend this work.

According to Websites ‘N’ More, the developers need to have an understanding of the core functions of the platform and use their skills to create functionalities depending on the clients’ needs. Well, with this title, you will be able to get just that. For best options visit The Bright Academy site

5. Beginner WP Development


This work was created by Tim Brown, and it will help you get into the technical details starting from installing, using, and making your own WordPress themes. With it, you can learn how to develop great and user-friendly themes and why people will be interested in them. Note that you will learn how to create things not only from scratch but also how to change, adapt, and edit themes that are already existing.

It is said that this is a perfect publication for those who are interested in exploring the platform and learning everything it has to offer. Some of the things you will learn include how to create databases on your hosting account, and how to upload the platform using an FTP manager. Note that even though previous knowledge of the platform is not a must, and you can use this publication to learn the basics, it is a great book for those who already have some skills and experience, so they can use it to explore new things and polish their skills.

These are some of the best books that will greatly help you with your development and design skills. Other things that you may be interested in include “WP Web Application Development”, “Build Your Own Wicked WP Themes”, and “WP: Pushing the Limits”. You can easily find all of these publications on the market, and once you start reading them, you will understand many things that you just didn’t get before. All of them are written in a great style, and you won’t have to worry about difficult language and how to understand sentences. Do you have a favorite WP development book? Why is it on top of your list?

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