How to Make More Money From Home by Working as a Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for a remote job to boost your income, have you considered becoming a virtual assistant yet? People in the UK already find it very convenient to become a virtual assistant, since they prefer working remotely now. Let’s take a look at the benefits of working from home.

It’s easy to look in your wallet and know that you need extra money. But it’s more difficult to figure out how to make extra money. It’s time for you to put your cash goals into action! Let’s get to work.

What is a Virtual Assistant?


A virtual assistant, also referred to as a virtual PA, is someone who offers professional help to businesses remotely. Virtual assistants provide a wide variety of services, including handling administrative tasks, writing blog posts, work on social media, etc. Regardless of your business size, virtual assistants are incredibly helpful. If you run a company, the assistants from Virtalent can help you out with your tasks.

How Much Money Can a Virtual Assistant Earn in the UK?

Workers from the UK could earn £8.91 per hour, or more, depending on their age and experience.

The current minimum wage in the UK is:

  • 23 years old or more: £8.91/hour
  • 21-22 years old: £8.36/hour
  • 18-20 years old: £6.56/hour
  • 16-17 years old: £4.62/hour
  • Beginners: £4.30/hour

However, it’s essential to do your own research and learn more information about Virtual personal assistant services in the UK. Also, you could pay the living wage to your PA, with the following rates:

  • UK rate: £9.50
  • London rate: £10.85

However, the amount of money a top virtual assistant could make per hour is way overhead than what’s listed above. If you have a great skill set, virtual assistants in the UK could charge anything from £7 up to £100/hour. It’s, however, suggestable to start with a price between £10-£20/hour, but of course, this depends on how suitable it is for you. An alternative to this hourly rate is to charge per project or set a monthly fee for your work.

Declare Your Additional Income to HMRC in the UK


However, it’s important to keep a check on your expenses. If you notice you’re losing money after paying for your internet, and other office-related expenses, then it’s time to raise your prices up. Also, remember that you need to declare your additional income to HMRC. When it comes to earning money online, most people get confused. All you need to do is visit the GOV website and register as self-employed. Because you’re a beginner, you might have to wait 10 working days until you receive all the information you need.

Ideas for Tasks a VA Can Complete

You might believe that this job is not suitable for you, but you’d be surprised to see how many tasks a virtual assistant can complete, including:

  • Blog writing
  • Content creator
  • Image editing
  • Blog assistant
  • Affiliate manager
  • Proofreading
  • Keyword research
  • Video editing
  • Website design
  • Phone answering service

Regardless of your skills, someone out there might desperately need your services.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant


As technology develops, the job as a virtual assistant is becoming more and more popular. Virtual assistants work remotely to help businesses perform tasks faster and more effectively. Learning more about this job could help you decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Consider gaining experience in becoming an office assistant.

However, there’s a bit of a difference between a virtual assistant and an office assistant. As a virtual assistant, you could work remotely, instead of going daily to an office. Consider beginning a career by applying for a role as a virtual assistant.

Develop Your Skills

Before applying for a position as a virtual assistant, consider developing your skills. You might do it through a training program, or do your own research. You know how to successfully use the internet, your computer, and your smartphone. So, consider developing your technical skills. Clients usually look for virtual assistants with several years of experience, so be sure to develop your skills and do your best to prove your best.

Explore the Virtual PA Services

Aside from becoming a virtual assistant, you might find out what a virtual assistant can do for your business. Running a business is not easy, and it does come with many responsibilities and challenges. It can become overwhelming and you might need support from an assistant. As your business grows, it may require bigger efforts to support its growth. This means that you might need to hire new employees to help you keep your business on track. Virtual assistants are insanely popular in 2024.

It is quite for these reasons that you might benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. It will help you in different ways, including dispensing some of the tasks, like:

  • Scheduling events
  • Answer emails
  • Give properly attention to important tasks

A virtual assistant may be specialized in a particular area to perform your businesses’ multiple tasks. They’re likely to have treasured skills to adapt to many environments. Hiring a virtual assistant in the UK can save you time and money. You don’t have to go through a long-lasting recruitment process, Also, no physical space is required, so look through online websites where you can find a virtual assistant.

Succeeding as a Virtual Assistant

  • Set up your home office in a way that’s inspiring and relaxing
  • Obtain, learn and master the tools and software programs to succeed in your role
  • Elect time and complete certain tasks and stick to a schedule

Anyone can become a virtual assistant and earn a living. But your income will depend on your skills.
Working as a virtual assistant can be a step forward in the optimization of most businesses’ processes. Finding the right person to work with is crucial, so make sure you identify your best skills and find a company that’s a good fit.

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