5 Tips and Tricks For Writing Explanatory Essays in 2024

Writing an essay for students can be a difficult task. They have trouble with making differences between different essay styles. For that reason, let’s first determine what an explanatory essay represents, and then we will suggest to you some tips and tricks that can help you write a high-quality explanation essay.

What Is Actually an Explanatory Essay?


In explanatory essay type, the author highlights points of view on the given topic. The main goal is to clear up all confusion about some topic and to give an explanation of why certain things happened. It is important to understand that, when you write this type of essay, you do not have to agree with the subject. You can present a critical view based on facts that you researched. Explanatory essays are usually written for history and journalism topics. In that way, students can have enough material to explore some events, wars, or situations that happen in reality. When they explore the topic completely, they can give some point of view and explanation which is based on evidence and facts.

What you should achieve with your explanation essay?

The crucial thing students need to present is an argument why a certain outcome was reached. This type of essay gives students the opportunity to express their creativity, writing skills, and way of thinking. They need to approach a certain topic from their perspective and to be committed to it until the end with corroborating facts. The common mistake students do while they are writing this assignment is defending one argument. In other words, they think of the topic as some debate where they need to defend their attitude and criticize other points of view.

However, the key to writing a proper explanatory essay is to present a neutral and indifferent viewpoint. While you do that, you need to provide a personal logical conclusion based on the researched facts. When someone reads your assignment, he needs to have a clear picture of your attitude about some topic.

1. Find the right topic for you


Many students feel very discouraging when they need to write an explanatory essay. They usually consider it a very complicated assignment. However, if they approach this task in the right way, they can avoid difficulties.

This can be a very basic task if you follow some guides. The first thing you should do when you get an assignment is to research well and find the topic that you understand. If you choose some event, situation, or phenomenon that you do not understand clearly, you will have trouble writing key viewpoints. The goal of writing an explanation essay type is not rewriting the content. As we said, you need to highlight your opinion on something, based on the researched facts.

2. Do not deviate from the right writing path

The crucial element of writing an explanation essay is to be committed to its style. In other words, you should not make the mistake of writing the other essay type because they are similar.

The common thing for essays is that they are all supported by technical explanations. However, you should avoid two things including rewriting the content or writing a very persuasive essay. In that way, you will avoid writing the regular essay type.

It is important to stay committed to the explanatory writing style that includes your personal opinion. Because of that, you will show your professor that you clearly understand the concept of the explanation essay, and your assignment will contain the proper content. You just need to be careful and you will achieve your goal.

3. Gather reliable information to support explanation essay


The writing style is not the only thing you need to be careful with. For writing high-quality content, you need to have enough adequate material. In other words, you need to gather all the necessary pieces of evidence and information for a well-written explanatory essay type. In that way, you will support your opinion properly.

While you are writing your assignment, you need to keep in mind one thing – as long your evidence is strong, your assignment will be as well. However, you need to find reliable and trustworthy sources. You can check some books and reliable websites on the Internet. Do not forget to mention the references you used in the essay at the end.

4. Prepare your Essay with Outline and Body

There is one trick that some students use to make writing tasks easier. You can outline before you start writing your essay. In that way, you will prepare your assignment for the content. Use the same method as some sketch artists use before they paint a picture. You can put some numerals, lists, and tables. Despite that, you can also put text boxes that will help you with direction when you start writing. One more interesting thing that you can try is using mind-mapping which is a very popular method nowadays.

When we are talking about the body of your paper, the first thing you should know is that you need to have at least five paragraphs. These include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Also, stay focused on reaching some point in every paragraph. Despite that, every paragraph should contain some starting idea that you need to elaborate in the further text.

5. Finish your essay with personal final thoughts


Every well-written assignment needs to have the proper conclusion at the end where you will give a strong outcome. The main idea of the conclusion is to gather all the things you were writing about in the essay and summarize everything you previously analyzed. All writers will agree that the first sentence and the conclusion are the essential part of every text. With the first sentence, you need to intrigue readers to continue with your essay. However, with the last paragraph, you need to leave a powerful impression on the readers.


We hope we help you understand what any explanation essay needs to contain. With the suggestion we gave, you will be able to achieve writing a high-quality assignment. However, if you still have some doubts regarding this topic, you should continue your research. Because of that, visiting websites like can help you solve all the doubts. The examples they provide will probably serve as an inspiration.

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