5 Most Expensive Flowers in the World for 2024

Flowers are a delight for sight and smell, and in many homes the you can see loads of decorative branches providing rooms with vividness and freshness. But not all flowers are that affordable so that we can keep them in our rooms – there are a couple of very expensive species due to their extravagance and peculiarity. Their scarcity, type of cultivation, exoticism and fragility are some of the factors that turn these plants into jewels of nature.

The flowers will always be a beautiful detail to brighten up someone’s day, accompany a special occasion or a show of support in a difficult situation – in other words, to share smiles – check out to take a look at some of the most beautiful choices, especially if you want to surprise someone and send them a bouquet. It’s simply one of the most gentle and lovely ways to show our loved ones that we care, and the costs are not that important when it comes to our intentions. But in case you were wondering which species of flowers are the most precious – let’s see some curiosities, characteristics and the price of the most exclusive ones.

1. Saffron flower

A mortal named Krokos, according to the Greeks, perfumed every day with saffron to attract his love, who was a nymph. This anecdote shows that this flower is considered a luxury since ancient times. It comes from Anatolia and its name comes from the Arabic language ‘asfar, which means yellow, a color that continues to be related to opulence because royal clothes were dyed with this plant.

To get 200 grams of saffron seasoning you need more than 80,000 flowers because only their stamens are used. They cost between 1,200 and 5,000 dollars (between 1,000 and 4,000 euros) – that’s why saffron is known as “red gold”. And that’s not far from the truth – saffron flower is often said to pay the same weight in gold as it’s very difficult to grow and collect; it blooms in the fall, and then its bright red shredded tusks are being picked and dried.

It’s believed that this plant has always had irresistible and magical power, that Cleopatra bathed in saffron baths to preserve its charms, and that Alexander the Great was healing his wounds with it.

2. Juliet Rose

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” told Juliet to her beloved in Shakespeare’s celebrated book. The quote inspired horticulturist David Austin to name his creation Juliet Rose.

Considered one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers in the world, this species was introduced to the market in 2006, in an exhibition of flowers held in Chelsea, London. Its creator, David Austin, invested 15 years of his life and about 6 million dollars in the creation process. It took that much time to create the most perfect rose in the world, valued at 15 million dollars (12 million euros).

The plant has a pale color that is extremely difficult to achieve, with a tone that is also scarce in nature. Its shape is rounded, with a diameter of 10 centimeters in whose interior lie 90 beautiful petals, similar to those of daffodils.

3. Kadupul

This specimen was never sold and yet it’s listed as the most expensive flower in the world. The reason: its value is incalculable. The “queen of the night” or “moon flower” is native to Sri Lanka and grows in different regions of Central America. One hundred white flowers with yellow hues are born from each bush. This flower dies at the same moment it is cut. Every year, in the middle of summer, this cactus begins to bloom exclusively at night, and with the first rays of the morning sun, it closes the flowers. Many of these flowers survive at night and die at dawn, which is a particular characteristic of their roots.

The fragrance of the Kadupul flower is known worldwide for its relaxing properties. Detecting its smell is almost as difficult as preserving the plant and it’s popularly known as “midnight mystery”. The largest collection of this plant is located in a botanical garden in Arizona. This garden opens its doors to visitors at night to enjoy this truly rare sight.

4. Gold of Kinabalu orchid

The most expensive orchid in the world costs more than 3,000 euros and is as luxurious as it’s scarce. It only blooms between the months of April and May and is in danger of extinction.

They call it “the gold of Kinabalu” because it’s only found in this exotic national park on the island of Borneo, but it’s also known as Rothschild’s slipper orchid, alluding to the powerful family of bankers. Nowhere else in the world is it possible to cultivate this species, so its price is equated with gold and gems.

The flower has leaves of approximately 60 centimeters and its petal is shaped like a shoe, a curiosity that inspired its scientific name, which refers to the Roman goddess of love: its official Latin name is Paphiopedilum rothschildianum. Its petals open horizontally and from its stem they can sprout up to 6 huge flowers. Since the flower is planted it needs 15 years to blossom, so in Kinabalu mountain security is quite extreme to protect them.

It was discovered in 1887 and came to Europe through the Sander Ltd. farm in the same year, sparking enormous interest. Today, it’s protected, but its future is not bright, because of smuggling and profits. It’s highly appreciated in the world of orchids and is well priced and costs around $ 5,000 on the black market.

5. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This plant of the orchid family takes more than five years to grow. And it’s also a masterpiece of the human race – the group of scientists from Shenzhen Nongke university took eight years to create it. The first flower was sold for one and a half million yuan (200,000 euros) in an auction in 2005 – this gave it a title of the most expensive flower ever sold.
It has exotic colors and its shape is slightly inclined. As for its aroma, the few who smelled it define it as “delicate.” Its high cost responds to an obvious: it’s more than unique!

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