5 Tips & Tricks for Maintaining an Above Ground Pool – 2024 Guide

Whether you are an owner of an above or it is your chore to worry about the pool’s health, there are certain tips and tricks for maintaining it in a proper way that should secure its longevity and provide you with multiple years of having fun. Having a pool at your home is not a privilege of many, so taking care of your special place appropriately should prolong your enjoyment and make you worry less and swim more.

People who enjoy swimming pools often pay no attention to how they should be maintained, moreover, they enjoy the clear water and the ideal temperature already prepared for their complete pleasure. They do not worry about the number of different chemicals being used to treat the water nor do they think about the water pump efficiency, and that is legit since their job is nothing less than to enjoy their day and take advantage of their pool time. On the other hand, there are people whose pool time differentiates a lot from the previously mentioned, and it implies a totally different perspective.

Namely, the people who know what it takes to keep the pool always fresh and ready for another round of water jumping and splashing are the ones who look at these central spots of your backyards with eyes different from the ones of the simple bather. These guys are creditable for the safe and pleasant experiences only a well-cared pool can provide. If you are one of the boys in charge of the pool at your place, then you are familiar with what we are talking about, so the following tips and tricks about maintaining an above pool should prove useful.

When it comes to maintaining a pool, there are certain similarities when an above ground pool and inground pool are compared. Although the adequate treatment might depend on the base material of the pool, there are certain universal means of treating your pool that can be applied regardless of what it is made of. Therefore, we have created the following list with tips and tricks forth mentioning and that have proved their usefulness over the years. Not only will they help you do a better job with your pool, but they will save you both money and precious time.

1. Water Circulation


You may have a pool perfectly equipped with quality filters but the water does not really move so the circulation is almost chimerical. Apart from the unclean water, you may conclude the circulation is slowed down if you notice impurities constantly accumulating in certain areas of your pool at the center itself. Another sign of bad circulation is when the dirt remains in the lower part of the pool. Although it might sound funny, using your pool might be the best way to move the water inside the pool and, therefore, speed up the circulation. If your pool is equipped with jets, then you should point them at the bottom so the inertia does the work for you. Keep in mind that the filters should be active for at least one-third of the day in order for the water to remain usable!

If you are having problems with your pool maintenance and fail to find all the necessary equipment, you should check multiple websites, such as, that, apart from constructing pools, provide maintenance service and adequate materials for proper care.

2. The Filters


Since you have found a way to make the water move, now you should secure that it moves for a reason. Namely, whatever type of filter do you choose, it is crucial that it perfectly fits the pool where it is installed. Certain people use whatever they get their hands on so the pools do not get the optimally filtered water due to disproportionate filters. When you make sure your filters fit, do not try to spare them by using them less than they should be used, but treat them in order to prolong their lifespan. Namely, you should at least treat your filters twice per season. Washing your filters with tap water is not treating, therefore, use the adequate chemicals and respect the recommended amount, thus you will keep your filters clean, and your water dirt-free.

3. Cleaning


Although your filters are doing their best, they still require your soft touch. Namely, this process consists of three smaller practices. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to skim your pool from leaves and other tangible dirt that the filters cannot process. After you have successfully skimmed the pool, use your pool vacuum to get to the parts where skimming wasn’t effective. Finally, brush all four sides and the bottom of the pool with a pool brush the same way you would brush your teeth, so the pool gets the royal treatment it deserves. Do this once a week and you will be astonished by the results!

4. Sanitizing


This maintenance feature is meritorious for the absence of algae and other living things you do not want to be alive in your pool. Namely, the traditional method is to use chlorine which comes in the form of a pill or granule. Since chlorine does not respond ideally with sensitive skin, there are other alternatives used for pool sanitizing such as ionizers, UV sterilizers, ozone generators, etc.

5. The Pool Liner


If you want to preserve the pool liner, you need to watch over the quality of your water. Apart from that, you need to check the chemical properties of your pool water at least once a week, you should pay attention to the chemicals you use in order not to damage both your skin and your pool liner. Another thing important to mention is that to pay special attention to the nails of your pet, especially if it enjoys using your pool when you are not around. This could save your pool liner and prolong its life significantly.

Whatever your experience with cleaning the above grounds has been, we are sure that the aforementioned tips have helped you learn how to look at the exactly same situation from another angle. Hopefully, you will put the suggestions to good use and spend more time enjoying your pool than you used to. Whether you are an experienced pool caretaker or you think of paying more than needed attention to your aboveground pool, learning new ways of dealing with non-functional filters and lazy water pumps can always get handy. Therefore, make sure you double-check the list from above and the good condition of your pool will never be brought into question.

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