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AlunaGeorge Net Worth 2024

One of the fastest rising stars in the music industry AlunaGeorge from London are on their way to taking over the world. The duo is made up of Aluna Francis and George Reid. Aluna is the vocalist with a vulnerable and passionate voice and George is responsible for producing and creating the musical composition of their hit records. Both artist are from other groups. Aluna sang with Toys Like Me and George was a guitarist in the Indie rock band Colour. Their debut Body Music was released in the UK July 2013. The album has received massive praise from music critics and a large fan following. Aluna’s unique childish voice and the weird instrumentation on the songs make them stand out in an industry filled with the same thing.

The group is signed to Island Records which is a subsidiary of Def Jam. Their deal is worth $2 million for 3 albums. Today the group is worth an estimated $1.2 million from touring and digital download sales. But with a growing fanbase the duo could be worth an estimated $4 million by summer 2014.

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