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Amanda Bynes Net Worth 2024

Once known and loved by kids around the world for her roles on Nickelodeon series All That and her own show the Amanda Bynes show. She was once known as a child version of Carol Burnett but what really happened?

It all started April 6 2012 when TMZ broke the story that Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence. It wasn’t a shocker since former child stars and socialites Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and many others have all been arrested for the same misdemeanor. Just a year earlier the actress had tweeted that she was retiring from the business. Her announcement shocked fans and garnered a serious uproar from critics who cited that she was only 23 and her acting career was not impressive. But things got worse when just days later Amanda Bynes was accused of hitting a car in San Fernando Valley and fleeing the scene.

In June Amanda makes her first statements about the prior DUI in a shocking tweet to Barack Obama. She tweeted “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” She pleads not guilty to the charge. If that wasn’t odd enough in August she has another DUI and is later charged with both incidences and of course pleaded not guilty. With all this her family had mentioned to reporters that they were worried about her and the fear started 10 years earlier when she had covered up the fire alarm in the home saying she didn’t want the electrical appliances to watch her.

Just this year In Touch magazine did a story on her home and the reporter claimed that Amanda sleeps on a bare mattress on the floor and the apartment is covered in pot. This past May 2013, Bynes is arrested on drug charges after allegedly tossing a bong out a 36th-floor window. She is taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, then spends a night in Central Booking and heads to court the next morning — all while clad in a ratty platinum blond wig. A mug shot reveals her natural hair to be close-cropped and light brown. Bynes tells the judge that the object she threw was just a vase. Are you kidding me? What is up with this girl. She also has made some weird comments on twitter and I mean even weirder than the sh*t she told Obama. She told Drake to murder her vagina, she claimed she created the acronym ILY (I Love You), she admitted she had a nose job to remove skin that looked like webbing between her eyes. If this doesn’t freak you the queen of hallucinogens Courtney Love tells Amanda to pull it together!!

A producer for the ABC series the View claimed they say Amanda in a restaurant in SoHo and she ordered soup. While she was eating it she was talking to herself, like a full conversation. Now could this be the weed or is she really under some serious mental illness. But despite all of her troubles the sad thing is her net worth could triple by the end of this year. She was reportedly offered a record deal and Nick Cannon even claimed she could sing. Amanda was also contacted by several producers to star in her own television series and a reality series for E!. Oh God!

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